19 May, 2009

Passengers from NYC to DXB could have ended up in Dubai

Passengers who were on a flight from Dubai to Hyderabad last week have been asked to stay in their homes after an Indian student on the plane tested positive for swine flu.The 23-year-old Indiana University student travelled on May 11 on an Emirates Airline flight from New York to Dubai. He then boarded a separate plane to Hyderabad International Airport.
An Emirates Airline official said that as the student had travelled on two separate flights, it was possible that passengers on the plane from New York to Dubai had finished their journeys in the UAE.

While the story is well-covered from Hayderabad's end, one has to wonder why this is not the case for Dubai. For instance, have the passengers from NYC to DXB been contacted? Even the Emirates Airlines officials quoted in the story were from the India office.

Oh, could it be because the Ministry of Health was not available for comment?


KJ said...

This is the part where one should yell an expletive

Anonymous said...

new govt. slogan: NAFC (not available for comment)!

Mo said...

Wait a minute . . . that article says that people are infectious a day before they show symptoms and 7 days after!?

So that means that a person from one of the flights that is less than 24 hours away from Dubai who has caught the flu can fly into Dubai and be 100% symptom free?

Not set off the fever detectors.

Fill out the questionnaire truthfully.

Then come to the country and be here for almost a day before even having a sniffle and make everyone sick!?

Uhh Ohh ...

So glad to see this in a news paper nearly a month after it has started.

Anonymous said...

They're probably not making a racket about it because it would cause a panic and because h1n1 is not proving to be deadlier than any other flu.

Anonymous said...

Me can't wait for the mandatory blood test and 48h quarantine at Dubai airport for all inbound passengers... gonna be fun....

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