06 May, 2009

Pens For Hire


samuraisam said...

Oh FFS. Will no one ever forget this 'dark side of dubai' bullshit?

I'm dead fking serious.

I monitor hundreds of RSS feeds and google searches related to the UAE and everyone keeps on posting a link to the article.

It's just about an entire month old now. It's been discussed more than all the wars of the world combined.

Anonymous said...

the fixation probably proves that there is truth in Johann's article.

samuraisam said...

I've only glanced over the article; it has many inaccuracies though.

For starters:
"We stroll past shops selling £24m diamond rings around a hotel themed on the lost and sunken continent of, yes, Atlantis."
His claim that there was a 132 Million Dirham diamond ring for sale when the worlds most expensive diamond ring sold for 29 million dirhams. Unless I've confused what he was trying to say, I find it very unlikely someone was selling a 100 million dirham ring.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Sam, the article was published on April the 7th. It's less than a month old.

DUBAI JAZZ said...


Logically speaking, there is nothing that can 'probably prove'. It either proves or doesn't prove anything at all.

Emirati said...

I was interview by Johann hari, he made up a story about my grandfather, about locals getting free call coverage and quoted me on something i was joking about and told him that i was joking about.

amazingsusan said...

All the blogs and links are hmmm, let me see, The Dark Side of the Dark Side of Dubai! Coming soon to a theatre near you. After which we can look forward to the Dark Side of the Dark Side of Dubai 2 1/2. Guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat Sam... ;)

Christopher Saul said...

To stop discussing Hari's excellent article would be, I sense, a transgression too far.


amazingsusan said...

Read Chris's satire at the above link - it's brilliant LOL !

amazingsusan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DUBAI JAZZ said...

It's indeed brilliant~!

wonder why he didn't post it here on the main board?

hey Chris, why didn't you do that? it could have provided the lols at the time of distress. besides, my own satirical cartoon pales in comparison. In fact a comparison would be, I sense, a trsnagrssion too far.

Anonymous said...

I'm upset this isn't a real film actually. I'd love to see one that shows what the Dubai PR industry has been doing, culminating in TV journo-processed "Atlantis rising" and millions on fireworks being set alight.

A close-up of Lohan with her lover in the foreground would be brilliant too.

Once the slaves are back-paid, released from jail and their passports returned, then ethical Dubai PR 2.0 can begin.

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