25 May, 2009

Be Alert Swine Flu is now Positive in UAE

Last May 21, 2009 while reading the Gulfnews online that there is a possible symptoms of swine flue in one of the passenger come from Canada, and this guy put in quarantine. And just this morning (may 25, 2009) while browsing again the online news there was a confirmation that according to UAE Health officials that the guy with a symptoms is now positive of the swine flu virus or what they called H1N1 virus.


Dubai Jazz said...

Here's the article:


"Be Alert"

how? there's no reason to panic IMHO. the man has been in quarantine ever since he stepped off the plane. and other passengers didn't complain of flu symptoms, either.

Media Junkie said...

Also heard he's recovering - Read more here.

Anonymous said...

..and he is Emirati and not Canadian as the news articles seem to imply without explicitly stating so. Sounds deceptive to me. What's the big deal? A virus is not going to discriminate based on your citizenship or ethnic background.

Buddy dela Cruz said...

Yes It is not alarming but for me prevention is better than cure...


Al-ain Rose said...

He's a Candian-Pakistani doctor who works in Tawam hospital in Al-ain. From a reliable source.

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