11 May, 2009

Balancing the Bash

At the risk of pissing off samuraisam, I offer the definitive round-up blog post on Dubai bashing (it seems I've unintentionally offended most of the community already, so what's one more on the list...?).

The exemplary piece of comprehensive journalistic research and writing was posted two days ago by Thomas on his Mean Green Cougar Red blog. It references several UAE community blog bloggers about half way through thus:
Hari's article elicited a strong response from Dubai bloggers. Seabee argued that the article's "objective was simply to find the worst possible angle and seek out the worst possible examples," while samuraisam noted that the article's title - "The Dark Side of Dubai" - was anything but original. Another blogger wrote an open letter to Johann Hari in response, and Chris Saul typed a hilarious parody of the article.
The post itself is quite long, but it's an outstanding read that covers A LOT of territory.

Read Thomas' full post here.


Kyle said...

A thoroughly-researched & brilliantly-written piece. Had it not been for the consistent hyperlinks, I would have never said that it reeked of damage-control & PR rhetoric!

Noteworthy lines from the article:

('if its hyper-intensive development model was sustainable. It wasn't.')

In response - here's hoping Dubai's (over-ambitious) predicament sets a precedent to one & all!

('This also creates an opportunity for Dubai to think about how it really wants to grow, and to consider the ecological ramifications of that growth.')

In response - Fat chance!

samuraisam said...

thanks for the reference.

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