17 August, 2007

Airport Trouble.......

Does anyone know why the entrance to the airport parking & the airport it self coming from Clock tower/Dnata side was blocked by the police last night at about 10:30. The entrance from the airport tunnel side was open but there were a couple of police men keeping an eye on the cars entering. Also the police presence at the airport was very high & the cars already in the parking were also delayed from getting out of the airport.

Was this due to the presence of some high official at the airport or a terrorist threat/hoax.......

Btw nothing about this has been reported in GN or their website.....


Kyle said...

Maybe a drill was being conducted to check on the readiness of the (so-called) law enforcement guys!

But I wouldn't sweat or lose sleep over it unless a threat comes to pass!

Anonymous said...

a lot of things don't get reported, for instance, last year I saw a bus load of masked combat policemen, all armed with Mp5's..
the area was between the Marina and SZR, they got off the bus and started spreading toward the embankment of the Marina road (which is significantly higher than SZR), I didn't get to see more since i was driving..
Next day I rummaged through GN page by page. Nothing. I did the same the day after, and guess what? Nothing!

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