02 August, 2007

Asia’s biggest mall in Philippines

If there is Mall of America in United States, Cevahir shopping mall in Europe; Mall of the Emirates, which is the current biggest shopping mall in the Middle East, and West Edmonton mall in Canada, Now Southeast Asia’s biggest mall is in Paradise Philippines, the “Mall of Asia”.

Located west of Roxas Boulevard in Pasay City, the Mall of Asia is aptly nicknamed as the "Bay City." It is built on 19.5 hectares of reclaimed land and has a gross floor area of 386,224 square meters. Mall of Asia in paradise Philippines has a lot to give for its shoppers. It consists of main mall, which include shopping and dining establishments. All the shops you could think of are here.

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Sleepless In Muscat said...

Oman is going to have by 2010 the Mall of Oman built Majid Al Futaim, in case you didn't know.

Dubai Real Estate said...

wow that's great. thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

I wanna go to this Asia's biggest mall, but would I be able to reach that mall once I leave the airport? Is there any way that I'll survive assuming that I am from the Middle East?

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