19 August, 2007

Quest for the Holy Chocolate Grail

Some of you may have seen magazine articles about the new Galler chocolate cafe "on Sheikh Zayed road". Well that's not a very helpful location instruction. Nor is Time Out Dubai's description of it as "Ghaya Residence, behind the Dusit". After - no kidding - one hour and a half of driving round SZR and asking for directions (a huge thank you to the guy in Axiom Cafe who let me do a Google search on his laptop) I finally found it.

Anyone who has been to the Galler cafe in Abu Dhabi's Marina Mall will understand why it was so vital to find the Dubai one. The menu is wonderful: fresh salads, burgers, crepes, with lots of imaginative use of chocolate, and the most amazing home made ice cream and sorbet in the UAE. Plus of course rich, foaming hot chocolate like you have never tasted it before.

So how to get there? Well, Ghaya residence is nowhere near the Dusit. It's half way up SZR nearer to the Emirates Towers end. It has Commercial Bank of Dubai at the bottom facing SZR, and the Galler cafe is round the back (north east corner - ie the Emirates Towers side). Click these images to enlarge:

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Kyle said...

Any idea where I can find French Brioche and Blueberry Muffins? Not the ones with a 'use by' date but fresh off the oven?

Same goes for a Cruller :)

nzm said...

Yeah - come to Melbourne!

(Sorry Kyle, I really do feel your pain!)

Kyle said...

Cracker, your pain comment :)

Melbourne huh? Do they make home deliveries? I understand there's a daily flight out of Down Under to Dubai!

I'll pay just as long I can smell the fresh dough with the seal intact :)


secretdubai said...

Any idea where I can find French Brioche and Blueberry Muffins?

For really excellent proper French patisserie, try Le Notre - there is one in Mall of the Emirates, but the bigger, better one (in my opinion) is attached to the smallish, newish Spinneys on Beach Road near The One and Jumierah Mosque.

Pauls also has good French patisserie.

Kyle said...

Thank you SD. I will try out those places especially the one at Spinneys.

Krispy Kreme's Cruller sucks. Dunkins is even worse.

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