25 August, 2007

NY Times pic of the day (Link)

Aushi Alzony, 13, from the Sharjah Emirate concentrates during a match on the first day of the Asian Youth Chess Tournament in Al-Ain, United Arab Emirates.

View it here


Anonymous said...

Why not put it in the post here?

Doubleletter said...

so that you can read the comments on that post.

Kyle said...

That's a cool capture of Aushi Alzony's concentration. I wonder how many frames it would have taken the photographer to capture that one particular concentrative frame :)

Comments on that post are absurd to the point of being ignorant.

Did she win that match?

Anonymous said...

Have to agree that the comments were mind numbingly moronic - but hey - at least idiocy is not contagious.

Veiled Muslimah said...

The comments were downright silly. They didn't know what henna was? "Whats that on her hands?" "Married at the age of 15?"


oynk said...

The comments were not so much silly, as ignorant of other cultures. Evidently henna is not so common "over there" as it is here. This led to speculation on their part.

Some of our views can sound "silly" to them; an example being your own earlier post on the niqab, suggesting that people in jobs requiring personal interaction ought ot be permitted to wear it. This may not be a result of extreme prejudice, as some might want to suggest, but just that in their cultures they wish to see the face of the person they are dealing with, not necessarily out of lust, but in order to receive continuous feedback on the sincerity and reactions of the other party, which can be judged from slight facial expressions.

As for "married at the age of 15", here's another misapprehension: they must have mixed it up with countries like India (where I'm from) where in some parts girls the age of two get engaged or even married. Obviously Al Ayn is a different kettle of fish.

Brn said...

Yes, there were a lot of ignorant comments, and some that went beyond into nasty. But, wow, I'm really impressed that y'all have never seen a picture of another culture and not know exactly what was going on. For example, I'm sure that every one of you can look at this picture and now exactly why that gesture is being made (and no, it is not an insulting gesture).

oynk said...

He wants to be excused so he can go to the toilet?

Doubleletter said...

ignorant/amusing comments indeed - that's why I wanted you to see them :P

Other said...

Many people in America don't know that the festival of Onam is being celebrated by people from the Indian state of Kerala today. What a terrible ignorance of other cultures! Huh!

(The only good and perfect people is us.)

fellow atheist said...

I found the comments to be sad. We (in this part of the world) are no better than them when placed in their position. Sad.

As for Aushi, that is indeed a great shot. Innocense and concentration. Great capture.

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