30 August, 2007

Dubai Lime offline?

Local live music junkies, Dubai Lime, have been officially "blocked". Something about going against the "religious, cultural, political and moral values, blah blah".

Didn't realise that building a stronger local music community was an immoral act.

Any insight on this?


Mita said...

Its not blocked from DMC (Du) - I believe that there was bit of a hitch but that is all sorted now

ShaggyRed said...

Still blocked outside any free zones (Evilsalat). I hope it gets sorted quickly as it would be a shame to see DubaiLime fall victim to Mr. Site Blocked.

Anonymous said...

Lets ban Volvo and Saab cars. Oh and Absolute Vodka

Swedish paper defends publishing Mohammad drawing

Mita said...

Yes it would be a shame if it stays blocked - the guys that run it are working with TRA to unblock it.

Desert_Weasel said...

I wonder if it is the curse of the Diamond Club.....

The Lady said...

Nice one, weasel - it's either that, or someone in the TRA attended last Thursday's event, got annoyed with all the posers talking loudly over the performances, and decided to block the site until the Limers got their **** together.


Anonymous said...

Hello - The site was blocked due to some automated software at Etisalat, however the guys that run Dubai Lime also run Onlime a website consultancy, they contacted the TRA and sorted it. There was no manual block, the Dubai TRA is happy and the Limers are happy again.

We Love Our Lime!

Andrea x

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