29 August, 2007


For or against?


Face-this said...

What do you mean for or against? For or against it being blocked here? For or against it being a useful site? For or against it being a well designed site? What...?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Gee, that’s tough!

I’m for Skype.

What the devil difference does it make which networking site one has access to? You want a, for or against, topic; how about for or against humane treatment of those that have no one to turn to? How about a, for or against, topic of helping out people? Scroll down two labels for more information! How about organizing an anonymous drop point for those covered in that post?

Who cares about networking sites and favorite restaurants?

You want to make a difference, do something that actually matters and to then see a wordless thankful smile on someone’s face you’ve just helped instead of conducting food & networking surveys.

hemlock said...

maybe its not such a great idea to put up this topic i*maginate... you are giving TRA ideas.

i NEED facebook - it's the only way i keep in touch with what my siblings are up to...

i*maginate said...

I meant "pros and cons", if it's "useful" or not - nothing about blocking.

*anon your kind is not rare. Go lecture somebody else where they want to hear it: goody two-shoes like you should organise these "drop points" you're talking about - enough of the preaching and more of the action - thanks :)

*hemlock, I really doubt this post is "giving TRA ideas". It's nothing to do with blocking (this is not the first post on facebook either, many before have "speculated" on its blocking..and it still hasn't happened!) it's about what facebook's value is, and whether it's overated/overused.

face-this said...

If that's what your post is about, i*maginate, what does it have to do with the UAE?

i*maginate said...

face-this, what do you think? :P

There are about 55k users registered on the facebook UAE network...

The article links I've provided give an interesting insight into the pros and cons - stuff one wouldn't have heard of before, that might influence ones usage of the site.

B.D. said...

Guess I'm in the stone age, cause I don't really know what Facebook, MySpace and all these things are about. I get links and invitations from Facebook people and when I click them I am forced to sign up before I can see anything. That sucks, and why bother when you don't have a clue what you're going to find? On the other hand I've stumbled on some Facebook, Myspace or other sorts of similar pages and didn't know what the heck I was looking at. Pages were so jumbled with mishmash. So, I have to say, I really don't get these new fangled sites.

i*maginate said...

B.D., you're not alone. I have only just heard of facebook! Before joining, I had "never" really understood its significance. I must say, my impression of it is much better than of other sites such as Myspace and Orkut...both of which I really have no idea of. And yes, you would probably have to join to experience the features of these sites. It's astounding how many millions around the world favour facebook: I don't know the actual figures, but something in the region of 50-100 million users worldwide if I recall correctly.

I have benefitted a great deal from joining: connected with old chums and tracked down friends. It's much easier to keep in touch via facebook where you have the details of all your friends, and you can view their "pages" with updates on what everybody is upto...it's pretty useful, but on the other hand, so many people are addicted to it!

Try facebook out, it's cool. But if you read the "against" link in the post, beware: apparently photos are not safe on there...!

Lirun said...


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