18 August, 2007

Nakheel Designs Al Burj: 1,050m Tower in Dubai

Al Burj

Al Burj (The Tall Tower) project being planned by Nakheel will be 1,050 metres tall, comfortably exceeding the height of the rival Burj Dubai and making it the world’s tallest building.

Nakheel has kept the tower’s height a closely guarded secret as it waits for its more advanced rival, being developed by Emaar Properties, to reach its final height later this year. However, MEED has confirmed that design plans show the tower to be more than 1 kilometre tall, at 1,050 metres.

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MD said...

Not again...

Anonymous said...

I heard world's second biggest tower will be built in South Korea's Seoul.

rosh said...

Oh crap, another one?

Anonymous said...

This shows that Dubai is the best city in the world. Which other city has the ability to build 2 of the tallest towers in the world??

Dubai has the vision and the guts, and thats what makes many people jealous

hemlock said...

hmm... i wonder what they are compensating for.

moviemania said...

Buldings competing for number 1 on the tallest skycrapers list? In the same country?!

I wish the money would be placed to better use.

Anonymous said...


I agree with Moviemania... wish they would do something else with all that money. For example - set clear rules and guidelines for contracting companies on the responsibility they have towards labour.

- Insurance
- Accommodation
- Wholesome food (not just some food)
- Regular health checks
- Plenty of first aid and water at site
- Annual leave (we all get frustrated and need breaks)
- Safety measures - good shoes, helmets, goggles, gloves and several sets of coveralls per person!

Am I dreaming?

SevenSummits said...

Megalomania as a vicarious satisfaction? :- ) [There must be a lot of compensation to do]

And on a more serious note … There is a certain perverse rationale in the fact that leaders from development countries (and their clientele) have such an affinity for white elephant projects. [“White elephant projects” here meant as the misallocation of resources, which will have a long term socially disastrous outcome] Enough has been said on Jassem’s BuJ blog and the previous UAECB
blog posted by ColOman .
This particular type of inefficient redistribution is politically extremely attractive when those in power find it difficult to make credible long term promises to supporters. This negative social surplus can easily be noticed, when one takes a look in the inefficient funding for education (R&D) in the UAE. Lack of education and hence the absence of any ability of cognitive reasoning will lead to utmost ignorant comments as the one seen above. (08:30)

Here an interesting quote from the 1 Muslim Nation Blog

“It is nothing but an extravagant Arab monument of oil wealth, conceit, ego and a white elephant. Anyone with a commonsense will see this building for what it is - ‘another imprudent petrodollar extravaganza’.

But yet again, only if “nationals” will be able to realize this problem, there is a chance for a feasible policy reform to be induced.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't even want to visit that building when it's built, much less live or work in it.

ninjacamel said...

as a nakheel project, it's disappointing the building is not designed like a palm tree.

Dark said...

Never understood the fascination of the people here with towers when there is land to expand.

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