23 August, 2007

Gulf News: Dubai Properties in New Initiative

Dubai (23rd August): Dubai Properties announced the launch of "Up Your
Service!" Programme as part of its strategy to put customer needs as
top priority. Hashim Al Dabal, executive chairman, Dubai Properties,
the programme at an event attended by 1,300
employees. Founded
by bestselling author and renowed
speaker, Ron Kaufman, "UP
Your Service" is a programme
designed to help
companies and organizations
upgrade service
uplift service
providers and build a superior service

For a second, I just mis-read the article.


Anonymous said...

How can anyone mis-read the whole article!

Anonymous said...

Sounds more like 'up your ass'

Mme Cyn said...

Yes. I put an "s" on the end of "your" also... and I think mine's a more accurate catchphrase for service in Dubai!!

Dubai Properties said...

Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre from February 15th to 17th, Aim 186 Real Estate reports.

Representatives from Thailand, Spain, South Africa, Bulgaria, Egypt and the USA will all be present at the show, which gives developers the opportunity to target potential investors and inform them of opportunities that are currently available in the real estate market.

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