28 August, 2007

Not without my sheikh - Part II

A few weeks ago I wrote about a new book which was published in Switzerland about the affair of a UAE sheikh to a Swiss lady.
The title of the book is: "Die verbotene Frau." (the forbidden wife)

I have read the book and am surprised that she has given away his identity, although she says repeatedly that she wants to keep his identity a secret. Well, all i can say is she failed miserably. Intentionally? Maybe.

I just wanna give you a few hints about the guy, if you like to know more, come over to my blog. I am just repeating here, what she says in the book, I am not adding anything...you will know who it is!!!
- they met in 1979 in England, when he was 17 and she was 22
- means he is born either 1961 or 1962
- he studied nuclear/atomic physics in the USA, nowadays he's mainly into real estate
- he has 6 kids together with his wife and cousin, whom he married in 1990
- His father has two wives. His mother is the younger, second wife.
- Both wives live on the same property, in individual houses.
- The guy in question has at least one sister
- where he lives: To get to his house, starting from Jebel Ali, you have to drive through Dubai, through Sharjah, through Ajman...until you reach the Hajjar mountain range. In his city there is a huge bridge connecting the new and old town.
- etc. etc. etc....the list is endless

Very difficult huh?


Anonymous said...

so who is it?

myself said...

what if this is just yet another fiction book? it is easy to be vague and dream up a story of love, lust and arabia and for marketing reasons it would obviously be great to make a minor riddle out of it or talk about how she still calls him and all that. who knows?

as far as i remember "not without my daughter" by betty mahmoody turned out to be fake in the end and that was also decorated with plenty of stories around...

i am not saying this one is fake, but how could anyone or myself tell the truth from a fake on a subject like this...

SevenSummits said...

das ist jetzt so gemein :- (((( Ich wollte auf Dein Posting hin doch noch selber Colombo spielen, hatte nur noch keine Zeit - Mist! Das Buch ist bei Amazon (DE) vergriffen!?

@Anon - what a question? :P To answer it would be against the law (in case you didn't know)

@ myself - Keep on dreaming in denial of reality. At least the "Mr X" in question has great taste :- ) - she is smashing, even at her current age!

hemlock said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

dude whose the guy? ur blog is in german...how should i understand?!!!

Anonymous said...


She doesn't mention the name in her blog either. Instead, she clearly gives a hint in form of a pdf file where the name is clearly visible in the second paragraph.

But to make your life less miserable: Sheikh Saud Bin Saqr Al Qassimi

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