01 August, 2007

The sleazier side of Dubai

I know this exists - as a matter of fact - it used to be a favourite "special night out" thing to do by the guys from my Rugby Club - way back when. But sleazy then is not half as sleazy as now! Oh no - its a lot more blatant these days!!

But there were some things that were just heard of but not seen or overtly spoken of at least. But in the last couple of weeks I have realised that this side is very much making its presence felt and not doing much to disguise it either. I don't care what people do as long as it does not effect me. But how is it that free thinking sites like Secret Dubai get blocked and Facebook gets threatened and there are other sleazy sites that blatantly flaunt sex that are still going strong!

Would the TRA like to explain, please?


i*maginate said...

Don't really get what you're trying to say, and I'm sure not many others do either...

How about you explain yourself before asking the TRA for an explanation ;)

Mita said...

What I wanted to say was that there are sites blatantly promoting sex (in all shapes and forms) that seem to be up and running and not blocked by TRA.

I came across them by accident and was quite amazed at being able to view them at all!

nick said...

Mita, could you then please send me the addresses of these sites.

I need to carry our urgent research myself!

Paraglider said...

Odd position to take - you seem to be in favour of censorship as long as the censors precisely reflect your own ideas on what others should and shouldn't be able to read and write.

Mita said...

This is for paraglider - I don't seem to be in favour of censorship but if there has to be censorship, it should be for all not just for some. At least that is what I meant to say. Perhaps I need to re-exam my English.

For Nick - if you speak to the right people, they might send you the links to these places. Hmm - maybe thats what this person was saying when he gave me the site details! I wonder!

i*maginate said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

let's just say there are MANY other posts we would rather comment on...;)

is that goodbye mita? thx ;)

you're asking for trouble babe, watch it!

last time was just a pinprick, this time it'll hurt.

i*maginate said...

anon, why do you hide under an anon identity and make threats? so immature ;)

I would like to apologise for my last comment - it was utterly pathetic, and didn't make much sense.

Paraglider said...

mita - sorry if I misunderstood you. The problem is that censorship throughout history has always proved a lost cause. The only effective censorship is the educated individual choosing not to view the more trivial or degrading offerings of the cynical ones. Don't ask 'the state' to make these choices for you - the state is not equipped to make a good job of it, and never has been.

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