16 August, 2007

Al Jazeera etisalat latest target

Al Jazzera has recently started posting most of its newscasts and programmes on youtube.
Does anyone know why Al Jazzera's website has been blocked on youtube?


DUBAI JAZZ said...

It is funny, isn't it?

btw only the main pade has been blocked, you can still see the videos in their chronological order..


Anonymous said...

They blocked all user profiles because people post there embedded porn clips.

Anonymous said...

It happened two days ago.

As said they have blocked the whole /user URL.

Another retarded block if you ask me.

They have also blocked the stumbleupon user message inbox as well.

Perhaps they should start blocking email. I am sure lots of people use this for gratuitous acts as well.

F*ck block the whole internet - that must be easier.

ShaggyRed said...

I reckon the block is due to an "Inside Iraq" special that highlights US-Saudi relations and mentions the UAE; alongside the arms deal and comments by the US on 'destablising policies' utilised by friendly countries in the region.


ShaggyRed said...

...Or this

Sleepless In Muscat said...

it's not blocked in Oman

SevenSummits said...

Thanks for that interesting link. :- ) I certainly enjoyed the “funding question” in the video – now where would the cash come from – mmmmmhhhhhh???? Only from those bad, bad Saudis of course – the rest of the region is completely innocent, of course!

You have a very interesting blog there! :- ) Guys/girls, check it out please!
No answer from the “Tourism Security Department” – am I surprised!

Cheers from Germany :- )

ShaggyRed said...

Thanks sevensummits! :)

It was a slightly bemusing question, indeed. Can always count on the media to fingerpaint things in a variety of colours. ;)

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