21 August, 2007

Talk about the weather

It's warm, not hot.

You can cruise with the top down; go to the beach; take a stroll down the road in the "summer heat".

You can even dine al fresco; and many do.

Dubai summers are pleasant when you need some cooling.


Anisha said...

Wow i*maginate,

Is it my imagination or did you just state the obvious!!!!!!!!!

Like anyone in Dubai needs to be reminded of the weather.

oink said...

Thx, imaginate. As a matter of fact I just strolled back to my office at 4th Interchange from Belhasa in Al Quoz between 11:30 am and about 12 noon today. I was sorely tempted to take a taxi but there wasn't one in sight.

It's a good 40 minute stroll, you do need thick soles on your shoes and atleast a rather wide-brimmed hat. I didn't have the latter, so I just had to make do with feeling sorry for my hair, which felt like there was a 2000-watt hair dryer blowing at it from 2 cm away for the whole 40 minutes...and i guess my soles were worn a bit thin, cuz singeing heat radiated upwards through them into my feet and calves. This made my steps all the more light and springy.

An interesting effect was that on my shirt, which was a medium blue when I set out, but was a deep, dark shade of blue by the time I got to the office. The colour slowly faded back to normal once my shirt had dried.

And of course, the shoes...let's not talk about them.

Guess it's a matter of perspective. Most of my colleagues looked at me aghast when they saw me arrive...I just pleaded I couldn't get a taxi (which was true, of course) and I do remember noticing the people passing by in cars looked fairly comfortable...

I'll be doing it again tomorrow, around 10 or 10.30ish...got to attend a safety training lecture there...care to join me? Some company will be good.

Anonymous said...


It's a pity nobody offered you a lift! Speaks very poorly of the local hospitality!

Anonymous said...

what local hospitality has to do with this?
I bet those who were driving by oink were all Indians..

Anonymous said...

are you on crack??

ali900 said...

by the way, when you enjoy your cool latte by the cafe, don't remember the poor laborers who built it, or who built the road your car is parked on - or anything like that - don't even say thank you to them for the hard work they do in the SCORCHING SUN while your under the cool shade sipping away...

Kyle said...

It's still early to cruise with the top down. Maybe, once the heat & humidity mellows down but first I got to get me a car, with no top.

As for the summers in Dubai, so far what I've experienced debunks the pleasant theory!

Anonymous said...

I*maginate has been out in the midday sun tooooo long!

oink said...

Anonymous (22:27) is right...local hospitality has nothing to do with it. He is also statistically correct, because most of those who passed me in vehicles were Indians (I'm one too, and let me add I'm not peeved that no one offered me a lift...I don't expect that, and it's not practical either; quite a lot of people are on foot at any given time, hot or not, and you can't just keep giving people lifts all the time).

The issue is the pleasantness of the summer weather; I was responding, in a sense, to I*maginate's suggestion regarding 'taking a stroll in the "summer heat"'. By the way, as I said, I did it again today, 10:30ish; it wasn't quite as 'warm' as yesterday, since it was a little earlier in the day, and it so happens I also managed to get a taxi half way down...so my shirt remained the same shade of blue.

(Oh, and since it was mentioned, I do want to get this in...I've lived in this country 18 years, and if there's something about the nationals here [I do not prefer the term 'locals'] that has made a strong impression on me, it is hospitality and generosity. So let's not knock them for that, while recognising that by 'local hospitality', Anonymous (20:43) may quite possibly not have been referring exclusively to them, but to the population in general.)

Anonymous said...

Is it true that motorist could attract a fine for offering a lift. If it is so then this could also be one reason for ppl not offering a ride.

i*maginate said...

Wha-hey! So much interest in the weather? lol. :)

oink, I'll be looking out for you outside Belhasa some time :) You're right, it's hot during the day at least.

Out of interest, why don't you dial cabs instead of waiting for them?

As for those Mr. goody two-shoes folks out there, actions speak louder than words. We've heard the labourer story before: if you care so deeply, go do something about it yourself before dishing out "I"m holier than thou" suggestions. And if you have contributed to their welfare in any way, don't assume others haven't too.

If I may also give a goody two-shoes lecture here to those Mr. goody two-shoes', next time you use your internet connection, don't forget to think of those who slaved away on the tea/coffee plant so that you may slurp away with your 10 packs of sugar.

Kyle, thanks for the thoughts! Note: "Dubai summers are pleasant when you need some cooling. :) lol

I find it pretty chilly cruising with the top down from December onwards...I tried it as of a week ago and it's OK with the AC on! Don't ask!

Planning on getting a convertible?

oink said...

*chuckle* I*maginate, you evidently have not attempted to dial a cab any time in the last 2 years, I i*magine. Evidently you have not then also stood under the 'pleasant' summer sun, waiting for the cab you dialled to turn up!

I do think it will be a refreshing sight for all of us to see you cruise down JBR with the -ahem!- *other* "top" down. :P---- !

BTW, I'll be at Belhasa again on Saturday, 12ish again...do look out for me!

i*maginate said...

LOL oink :) oink oink! I will look out for a dark blue shirt outside Belhasa, but beware, I drive slowly! You'll get to the office late!

Hey, if we get into a discussion about taxis, this thread will get extremely long!

Have a good day at work :)

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