31 August, 2007

New lane on Garhoud Bridge

In case you don't already know, there's a new, separate lane on the far right of Garhoud Bridge. Make sure you get into this lane if you need to access the airport or Garhoud.

If you stay in the left lanes on the Bridge, the route will take you to Sharjah.


Anonymous said...

I discovered that on my way to the airport few days ago. Thank God I was in a taxi and the driver knew about it. I was thinking, what if I was driving? There would be a big chance to go on the wrong side and miss the exit to the airport, and maybe miss my flight as well. I don’t know if there was a signboard before the diversion or not… I didn't like the idea anyway…
It’s mentioned in Gulf News here.

fellow atheist said...

There wasn't a sign. I missed an appointment I had at Welcare because of this utter incompetence of the RTA. I spent the additional hour to my trip getting back to Welcare cussing the RTA and everyone at the decision-making level there.

Is it _that_ hard to let people know?


Anonymous said...

I too was forced to go all the way to mulla plaza when i was planning to go to mirdiff... It just doesnt make sense....why the hell did they do it...WHY??

Anonymous said...

fellow atheist

You are an idiot if u dont read newspaper. RTA has been announcing it for ages now.

This is actually a great idea. Much less traffic to Sharjah.

N said...

What fun driving back home to Sharjah is now.

If I go to Deira City Centre for a spot of shopping, I have to end up going back to Sharjah via the detours next to Galadari motors.

If I want to come back from seeing friends in Mirdiff, same detour again.

If I'm coming back from college in Garhoud and heading home, detour is my only way.

I think I'll just set up a tent next to the huge billboard on SZR of the Damac Bentley.

fellow atheist said...

anon @ 01 September, 2007 09:24

Go back and tell your RTA bosses that I still think they are idiots.

I shouldn't have to read newspapers. I should be able to find out from SIGNS ON THE ROAD. If I had just arrived in Dubai and rented a car, I wouldn't of have read the papers.

That is quite possibly one of the stupidest things I've heard.

RTA - Road Thugs Authority

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