22 August, 2007

UAE Community Blog Copy Cats

Looks like our brothers in Oman are trying to copy the success of this blog. Check out their blog Oman Community Blog.

Its at an early stage, but its seems UAE Community Blog is the leader in the GCC.


Anonymous said...

Three Cheers to SD :)

Great Vision :)

Sleepless In Muscat said...


I'm the admininistrator of OCB. And I don't think for one second that we could ever compete with you guys.

You're right though that the idea did come off when I saw a community blog whereever I went on the 'net. But that's not to say that we can't do the same thing.

Our goal is mainly to keep the blog on track with updated issues in Oman only based on experiences and insights that our contributors have about the country.

Just ask samuraisam..

Kyle said...

Sleepless in Muscat; first-off, congrats for the OCB.

Let there be no competition but let not there be degradation as well!

Hey, do we need an invite to post there or can we just gatecrash? Just kidding :)

Kudos :)

fellow atheist said...

Cool.. glad to see the OCB. The UAE the first in the GCC? Who cares?

ali900 said...

thats proper GCC style, see anything good with a lot of effort put into it - how to get it hmmm...OFCOURSE, COPY IT!

im sure there will be a secret diary Kuwait and Muscat to follow...

ColOman said...


People all around the world will copy anything that is doing well.

nzm said...

Wonderful news - I think that it's great!

I'm looking forward to reading the OCB too.

Well done, sleepless - it's a big job, and as the UAE Comm admins will tell you, it's often a thankless and stressful chore.

Mita said...

Congratulations Oman.

Coolman - its the Internet. Community blogs have existed since blogging started so to say they are following UAE footsteps may be misleading.

Besides its not a competition, is it?

Al-Maawali said...

Hi, I think that it's good that all of us have the common goal of showing what our country is all about. We all talk about our experiances in our countries so that the locals can know what's going on and people from out of that country could look at the country in the locals point of view.

I have a blog with the similer goal as OCB and it's about oman too.

I am no compatition of any kind, I am just a begginer but very passionate about it.

Feel free to visite: www.beinoman.com


weirdgoat said...

Well, here I was thinking I was harsh on other blogs, but really this is so typical of us Arabs. Instead of learning from each other and offering to lend a hand, we seem to have so much fun criticizing and attacking each other. Now isn't that nice?

rosh said...

Patent the idea Sam & SD, patent it before someone else does it : )

Why am I telling you this?


secretdubai said...

What a GREAT idea!

Let us link to you from here as well.

All the best to you guys ;)

ColOman said...


OCB said it himself ' UAE community blog was his base for making OCB.

Check it out in his remarks in OBC about the same topic.

SO be nice :)

Wardat_il'7leej said...

ColOman...u out of all ppl should be bias towards Oman :)

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