17 November, 2007

Abu Apple Dubai?

Thanks to Maytha over at KABOBFest for alerting me to this gem.

Fox Business News' Apple-AMD flub

Click on the above link to listen and weep, people - for ignorance has a long way to go before it's wiped out.

Of course, someone had to use the old "petrodollar" quip as they dug a deeper hole in which to bury themselves!

Here's the Press Release from AMD.

The company investing into AMD, to a tune of US$622 million, is Mubadala Development from Abu Dhabi who list the Ferrari F1 team and Lockheed Martin among other interests.


John B. Chilton said...

I watch Fox for the knees, not the news.

nzm said...

John - you old skirt-chaser, you! :-)

Kyle said...

Fox trots all the way to the bank; Rupert style!

Sean rocks; Bill rolls; and the Legs – they’re the fox trot joke!

What’s no joke is a stake in Carlyle. Not bad Mubadala, not bad at all!

rosh said...

hahaaha John! - they probably spend more time on makeup touch ups & wardrobe "push ups" - than transparent journalism!

It's all entertainment :)

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