08 November, 2007

Time for War?

I dedicate this poem to the honourable democratic leadership of United States of America who are planning yet another war in the Middle East.

The leaders are hated,
Aloof and remote:
Time for a vote?
Time for a war!

The people are hungry
Begging for bread,
Feed them? Instead
Give them a war!

The markets are failing,
Enraging the mob.
Give them a job,
Send them to war!

The sick wait untended
Like never before.
Hire more doctors? No,
Go off to war!

The bogeyman’s waiting,
Coming for you!
You have to start hating,
Go and make war!

War has now started:
Thousands are dying:
The leaders keep lying.
This war is you!

The bombs have stopped falling,
The shelling has ceased.
A treaty is called,
Time now for peace!

Rumours are flying,
Men keep on dying:
The leaders are crying,
Let’s start a war!

A Poem by Rose Moss


fred said...
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Editor said...

Gulf on standby for Iran war

Gulf armed forces are ready and prepared for the possibility of a US-Iran war, Saudi Defense Minister said Tuesday, as tension mounts between Tehran and Washington over Iran’s nuclear ambitions.
Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz spoke to reporters after a meeting to discuss escalating rhetoric between the US and Iran, saying, “This subject is under constant study between defense ministers as the countries of the Gulf have to be always ready for any emergency.”

Friction between the two states has been intensifying in recent weeks with US President George W. Bush emphasizing the severity of the situation when he spoke to a press conference on October 17.
“I've told people that if you're interested in avoiding World War III, it seems like you ought to be interested in preventing them (Iran) from having the knowledge necessary to make a nuclear weapon,” he said.
IAEA Director General Mohamed El Baradei later said, “I have not received any information that there is a concrete active nuclear-weapons program going on right now.”
Iran has continuously asserted that its nuclear program is for civilian purposes only. Many, including the US, remain unconvinced.
Pro-US nations in the GCC consist of Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Khaleej Times

Anonymous said...
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pony ronny said...

can the armies of the uae ,kuwait,bahrain,qatar ,ksa & oman, actually stand up 2 this bully iran by themselves??if not, we're in deep doodoo!!

not my fault said...

That peom was pretty well written.

fellow atheist said...

Yeah, I would have to agree -- it is a weak poem. I could do better than that.

Here goes (the spiral):

this is the spiral
and i am denial
of love, compassion of desire
can you picture?
a flame glowing without fire
i am the mixture
of disgust and lust that's dire

this is the spiral
on a stage of satire
on life of faith, on deceit
i watch the play
a man brought down to another's feet
and to this day
war drums never skip a beat

this is the spiral
and me? i am defiled
by killers by thugs by thieves
reminisce a history
sunk in the constant of grief
faking a modern glory
a torch i cannot retrieve

this is the spiral
a downward survival
of forests of rivers of trees
of a broken branch
cut out dry and without leaves
abandoned by friends
and parasites who come and leave

there goes an exhcnage
between a bug and a leech
on cowardice and bravery
freedom and slavery
and we all have come to see
that we all would rather be
a slave who is free

Anonymous said...

yeah, that is slightly better.

Anonymous said...

fellow atheist enough of complimenting yourself

ve said...
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Anonymous said...

All the anonymous commentors: No comments :-)

editor: Thanks for sharing that story, in fact it was this story which prompted me to post this poem here.

Anonymous said...

Fuck America, Fuck Bush/CIA and Fuck whoever says yes to WAR

Kyle said...

DG – Thanks for sharing that poem.

But with all due respect, and taking into consideration your avatar, which signifies ‘peace’, don’t you think it’s kind of premature to judge anybody unless the so-called ‘war’ takes place?

It amazes me to see the way people jump the gun at the slightest pretext.

If I’m proven wrong, in time, we can then have a free-for-all swing at each other but until then don’t be blindly judgmental.

I presume a guy of your intellect with a pacifist mentality would know about these things!

Al Republican said...

someone be pacific
pacifically what u mean by thats poem

nick said...

A pathetic agenda driven effort of a 'poem'.

Sometimes wars are fought for all the wrong reasons by the wrong people but eventually turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

As far as I am concerned the jury is still out on the long term geopolitical importance of the Iraq war. The signs are good.

(Cue: open the flood gates of verbal abuse by anonymous moonbats)

hershey said...

It's the classic who has the bigger dick policy at work... as usual it's "what? they have bigger dicks? BOMB them!" and of course the bullets and bombs all are shaped like dicks...

Paul Davis said...

It's time for the war without end to end before the greenback has a heart-attack and the U.S. economy goes bankrupt. Most importantly the world has experienced enough of the hypocrisy of American democracy and foreign policy.

Self-righteousness must be replaced with honesty and humility.

Paul F Davis - author of United States of Arrogance (nominated for a Pulitzer Prize / a must read for American imperialists)


SevenSummits said...

Nick, you did read the profile warning, didn’t you?! :-)

"Do we want the Muslim people to leave their going-around-in-circles, their dependence, backwardness, and poverty? Then we show clearly which path will take us to that goal: establishing Islam in every field in the personal life of the individual, in family and society…and the establishment of a unique Islamic community from Morocco to Indonesia.

Wooooow – I am backing off instantly @ the sight of this “unique ULEMA” model.

… and Paul Davis was so busy with the alleged “hypocrisy of American democracy” that he obviously missed out on the HTML tag challenge – welcome to 2007!

There is nothing like real fundamentalist values ...

Anonymous said...

Kyle : it seems you didn'nt notice a question mark on the post title. By the way, no one believed Iraq would be attacked, what happened then? :-)

al republican: Thanks for defending me my friend :-)

Nick: I am not a poet, most probably the poet is from America & I quoted it from an American site too.

Hershey: You are funny :-)

Paul Davis: I think you have a convincing arguement my friend. Chceking your website, thanks for sharing the link :-)

SevenSummits: What is the 'ULEMA" model my friend? Well, if advocating the implementation of "real" Islam & not the bin laden version leads to being branded a fundamentalist, well I guess I should be proud of being a fundamental :-)

And then we muslims are accused of being brain washed people? It seems we are not alone, the friends in the western world are equally brain washed too.

Kyle said...

DG – Let me get this straight. So, with that pessimistic question mark on this label title, you’re somehow out to garner advance support to ward off a new war against Iran? Are these the same Iranians the collective Arab brethren supported during the Iran-Iraq War?

As for the war talk on Iran, time will tell whether you were wrong or I was right!

A grand from me says there won’t be a war – feel me to raise the ante though for I intend to collect – as they say the more the merrier!

SevenSummits said...

DG – I am glad you somewhat got the sarcasm of my comment in your last paragraph. The intentionally lax reference to “fundamentalism” in a wider non-religious usage was implying in this case a “deep-rooted position that defies any evidence to the contrary”. It was both directed at you and the extreme stance of Paul Davis! As already mentioned, I am on the retreat on this one …..
... but please, DG, take a closer look at your profile and maybe you will find the contradiction yourself. (and this has nothing to do with Islam or you wanting to be religious – I totally respect that :-) LOL)

This is a hint: I searched for a special song for you on the Internet and actually was lucky. It was performed by SADE and asked one simple question, which is conveniently also the title of her song:
“Why can’t we live together?”

This was back in the 80ties and since she is half Nigerian / half British she was wondering in the lyrics: “No matter, no matter what color, you are still my brother?”
If she would rewrite those lyrics today, she would surely ask “No matter, no matter what religion, you are still my brother?”

What will the categorization of humanity into religious subgroups really achieve? What has it achieved in the past? (Nazi Germany!) …. and what about the future – our “common future”? So if you wish for peace and development for all of God’s creation, you will need to take another investigative look at your present “motto”.

This is not meant in any way negative against you or Islam!

nick said...

No, Sevens I didn't read DG's profile to realize he's a confused impressionable kid.
But I looked at Paul Davis' website and so should you if want to ROFL and bang your head on wall. What a nutter.

Anonymous said...

Kyle: Well, war whether it was the Iran-Iraq war or the so called Afghan "jihad" against the soviets, both were wrong. We don't need a Ph.D to understand who benefitted the most from the above two scenarios & who will benefit if there is yet another war in the region.

SevenSummits: I suggest that you take of your glasses of prejudice & try to understand the real islam. That is all I have to say to you because I don't want to argue just for the sake of arguement.

By the way, thanks for your effort in pasting that link. But my friend, I don't think that for humans to live together you have to dump your religion. If Europe had bad experience with religion, this does not mean that everyone else should also remove religion from their lives?

Have you ever wondered that despite all this negative image of muslims in today's world, still people from the western world are embracing Islam? I would love to hear your opinion about it.

Nick: Sorry Nick, I don't have a nickname for you, but anyways thanks for the compliment, I am flattered ;-)

Kyle said...

DG - Since you're talking about who benefited from those wars. So, what do you say about us benefiting from a new quixotic war?

Are we on for a Grand or what?

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