11 November, 2007

Anonymous commenting disabled

As of yesterday I have deactivated anonymous commenting; I realise many people using the anonymous feature leave valid contributions and I am sorry to have disabled it, but recently there have been far too many people leaving comments under 100 characters which make no valid contribution and simply annoy the crap out of me (and hopefully/not everyone else here too)

I hope it is agreed that comments like these (as just a few examples) are better off being left out of discussions for a few weeks...

"& my dog's name is brenda!"
"i'm debbie menon!"


BuJ said...

Good move Sam.. if you didn't do it, I would have advocated it anyway!

Anons always have nothing good to say.

SevenSummits said...

Ha, ha, ha – Sam - ....and you believe that this will solve the problem????? ROFL!
"& my dog's names are Alex and Dino!" (both trained to kill!)
You see it still works …

What is it with those ANONS anyhow? Do they believe that they will be more or less anonymous by typing in some pen name? Pure lack of creativity? I hate to break it to you guys once again, but nobody is “anonymous” here, no matter how many Russian mix cascades you will use …. Simply accept the fact that you can be traced or stay away from the Internet or any other communication device in general.

moviemania said...

Haha, I kind of liked the anon comments. They're so random. But yeah, very pointless and useless. Good decision.

nick said...

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

In view of recent developments at your favorite UAEcommunityblog and due to the demonstrable lack of imagination on your part, we kindly propose the following list of alter egos and nicknames for you to chose from in order to resume your unabated and ignorant sandal-licking idolatry and do-gooding wanking without hardly any interruption at all.
We trust you will find this list helpful to make an arse of yourself with a proper name.

(in alphabetical order)

1. Anonymous Ahmed
2. Anonymous Arsehole
3. Anonymous Dipstick
4. Anonymous Hamas
5. Anonymous Jihad
6. Anonymous Ignoramus
7. Anonymous Moron
8. Anonymous Mullah

We are looking forward to ignoring and /or deleting your comments in the near future!

Mr. Sam Samurai (my real name, honestly!)

kaya said...

LOL! Good job Sam. You really do not need a lot of f**kwits informing people of their nose picking rituals.
Most of them are down right rude and I have always wondered how anyone can be such a coward as not to stand up for his convictions. Ofocurse even if it is a polital delicate debate as Seven Summits says, there is no anonymity of any sort on the net.

Khaled-ad said...

I am expecting to have too many fake new commenters for each person. It is not a bad idea though.

rosh said...

Hmmmm no more anon canon balls & lowball comments - yay!


i*maginate said...

In a way it's good to hear what ppl have to say but not when it endangers the survival of this blog.

I guess if you have a responsibility of maintaining the blog, your duty would be to check all comments, and if it was just "annoying" as opposed to a mere "threat" to the blog's survival, well I don't agree with disabling anon comments...

Yes, the comments from the recent Anon person(s) were annoying, but I don't agree with disabling anon comments just because they are "annoying" but it's your choice; you're the blog admin and you do what you want...

*nick, for once, step away from your Islamophobic "whatever-u-call-it" phobia: this Anon is likely to be one of you, judging from the nature of comments left within the last month's posts.

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