21 November, 2007

Fog glorious fog

So did anyone else enjoy navigating through the fog today at 5:30am? Honestly it was like driving through a cloud on most of SZR.

What I love the most about Dubai is the truly fascinating weather we have here. A year in Dubai is basically broken down into 338 days of sunshine, 10 days of cloudy/overcast skies, 5 days of rain, and 12 days of fog. So naturally today had to be a fog day...

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hemlock said...

the weather was gorgeous, and the fog was as dense at 8... all the way to bur dubai.

i wish people wouldnt drive in the fog with their hazards on. hazards are NOT fog lights.

nick said...

you are not nick, I was nick first!

Bridget Jones said...

Trust the English to talk of the weather huh Nick! :) ;)

I caught the fog during the week-end, very early morning Saturday. One word: awesome!

Bridget Jones said...

Ah.. two Nicks now.. I knew some day it would come to this ha! ;)

the real nick said...

I am the old pro-western democracy islamophobe bastard nick.
public announcement: I changed my nickname

btw., lovely fog, although the moisture caused an earth leakage in the house and almost electrocuted me in the shower.

Bridget Jones said...

Ouch, sorry to hear real-Nick!

Hum, imagine what loss that would have been for the blog here if you had got electrocuted.. aaarrrgh!! ;)

nick said...

ooo people started turning up at work today at 9:30am because of all the pile-ups on the roads.. :-s

Bridget dahlink, I'm the one and only-all else are Karama imitations :) And luv your blog template needs some SERIOUS redesign! Will give you a tinkle when I've dreamt up something for you :)

i*maginate said...

which one is nick the prick and who is nick the gay guy?

prick nick lol where r u honey! don't do this to me!

the real nick said...

the real prick nick (that's me) wouldn't post about fog!

rosh said...

There's two of 'em! heaven help us all :)

Nick, the "real" (?) - bro, I think it's just inherent with for uaeians to hit the distress lights, when faced with unexpected potential danger/safety issues/or plain distress of any sort - as a courtesy warning to fellow drivers & tailgaters.

I do it, every so often here in the city, most of my friends, didn't understand at it first.

nick said...

The only time I snap on the hazards is when I'm about 2 inches away from ramming the car in front because the idiot decided to swerve into my lane.

But it's okay - his hazard lights were on.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

The real Nick wouldn't post about fog, in fact, he wouldn't post about anything at all.

why don't you start up your own blog Real Nick? or do like living like a parasite, only commenting on others' blogs?


Keefieboy said...

@Rosh: it's just plain wrong. That's why people don't understand it. Don't you understand the real purpose of hazard lights? (Obviously not).

rosh said...

Kipasa Keefie, howz Madrid? Yup, I understand it's incorrect. I know shouldn't....old habits die hard....I guess?

the real nick said...


I'm not a parasite; I give free advice to those who need it.

Bridget Jones said...

@ Nick 21 Nov 12.12

Glad yuo enjoyed Bridget's dramas ;) Am I glad you noticed the template needs a makeover!! I'll look forward to the tinkle!

(I like the beach scenery in yours! cool blog too btw!)

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Real Nick, no malice was intended. You are certainly not a parasite.

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