28 November, 2007

KT headlines

Does anyone know of any other newspapers that abbreviate "psychological assessment" to "psycho test"?

"Court permits psycho test of rape accused
By a staff reporter

28 November 2007

DUBAI — A juvenile court in Dubai yesterday permitted an Emirati minor accused, along with two other nationals of raping a 15-year-old French boy, to take a psychological test."

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Seabee said...

A psycho test - I love it!

Sam, don't tell us you read KT, I didn't think anyone did any more.

MD said...

Exactly my thought as I read the paper this morning. But then, I tend to overlook it as many other grammatical and linguistic mishaps in our precious icon of Journalism.

the real nick said...

How apt, actually.

John B. Chilton said...

NY Post, 2 weeks ago,


Go to googlenews and type "psycho test" with the quotation marks.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

They've probably meant to say psychoanalysis.

Mars said...

just brightened my day...lol

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