28 November, 2007

Long lines at Adnoc stations

Has anyone else noticed lines at Adnoc that stretch into the street while the competitor just down the road doesn't have a queue? I've noticed it several times lately. My conjecture is that it's because Adnoc still accepts credit cards.

Whatever the reason, it's adding to traffic congestion.


Keefieboy said...

Those would be queues, John, and your conjecture is probably right!

B.D. said...

Even if I'm not using a credit card, I've decided to boycott Dubai petrol stations for their stupidity. Long live ADNOC!

Anonymous said...

Don't know about the credit card issue.
The long lines, usually of trucks, could be because Adnoc sells diesel cheaper than other petrol stations.

They also sell a different octane number petrol which is not available in other stations.

John B. Chilton said...

Arabian Nomad,

You are exactly right that it is trucks who are queueing (and end up blocking traffic!). Your explanation about diesel is great.

Vikas said...

Well, a recovery van driver told me that Adnoc's Diesel prices are the cheapest in UAE.

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