29 November, 2007

More air-conditioned bus stops, new luxury bus terminals

Commenters in recent posts noted some of the problems with road tolls and with a rail system. Both require an entensive bus system to provide alternatives to the automobile in the case of tolls, and, in the case of rail, to get you to and from home/work and the rail station.

Today's Gulf News happens to hit on this theme as well:
The ambitious air-conditioned bus shelter project has started taking shape in Dubai, but commuters say they are too small to accommodate the increasing numbers of commuters.

Each bus station is 2.5 metres wide and six metres long and has a capacity for 14 people. Eight people can sit while six can stand inside the shelter.
Dubai is the first city in the world to offer the luxury of air-conditioned bus shelters for passengers. The aim is to lure people into using public transport, and ease the pressure on its crowded roads.

There's more:
A total of 971 air-conditioned bus shelters will be built in the city. The new bus shelters will have an array of amenities for commuters.
The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) plans to have nine air-conditioned luxury bus terminals to replace the existing bus stations in Dubai, Gulf News has learnt.

The multi-storey terminals will have comfortable seating, restaurants, cafeterias and shopping areas. A parking area will also be provided. The new terminals will cater to the increasing demand for bus services.


B.D. said...

There have been other recent stories on this topic. One stating Dubai has placed the biggest order for busses ever in the world. (Not sure how this could be verified.) Also reported were details of the 15 km long Al Sufuoh tram, to be part of a 200+ kilometer network. Also, long ago at least 3 large parking stations for thousands of cars were announced for 3 metro terminals. Everything is coming, the connectivity is on its way.

There's nothing really for people to keep complaining about except that it takes time to get from announcement to reality. Rome wasn't built in a day.

Keefieboy said...

Ever the optimist, B.D! People complain because these things should have been up and running years ago, rather than what's actually happened where transport infrastructure has not been built into the mega-projects.

Keefieboy said...

and is tacked on as an afterthought.

B.D. said...

^^ Cute.

Seabee said...

Spot on Keefieboy, that's the problem. The 'planners' learned nothing from mistakes made by others before them around the world, didn't plan the infrastructure at the same time as the master projects, didn't take advantage of the fact they then had huge empty spaces to plan it all on.

And as for the large parking stations on the Metro, that's another example of bad planning - they're at the ends of the lines. There are, so far, 42 stations announced, so what about all the people who will need to join at the intermediate stations?

Anonymous said...

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