15 November, 2007

Idiotic behaviour!

It seems that every time someone writes about a topic that is even remotely related to the UAE's ethnicity, culture and politics it has to end up in a bickering tit-for-tat war between the :-

"Western infidels" VS "Islamic jihadis"
Local VS expatriates
Arabs VS Europeans
The 'morals' of the East VS the 'decadence' of the West
Bigotry VS idiocy


Have a look the comments in my previous post below and you will see what I mean. We seem to have lost the ability to debate and instead we resort to arguing and bitch fighting.


Khaled-ad said...

We can easily reach a compromise in here but unfortunately there will always be someone who will stab you in the back.

Anonymous said...

The story of us and them is there since the beginning and will remain forever, and there is nothing wrong with that, as long as we keep the respect for each others. The thing is that some people enjoy hiding behind anonymity to discharge all the pressure they have in their lives by throwing insults on the others. This is very clear in the UAE blogs because most of us are strangers coming with our own ‘us and them’ and we know that we are leaving with the same, so you will find very few people who want to discuss for the sake of exchanging views rather than proving that ‘us’ is better then ‘them’.

Kyle said...

No matter what, people in this day and age will prefer to take the mickey out of trivial issues and place something that’s worthy of a meaningful debate on the back burner.

In layman terms, it translates to degradation of intellectualism!

Kyle said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that the degradation is attributed to rookie label hijackers!

moviemania said...

It always happens, it seems that no one can defend their point of view without resorting to insult and making it a whole 'us vs them.' To some extent it is a debate between East and West, but from what I've seen there is a lot of misunderstandings and misconceptions about some concepts and people.

I think a lot of people are dead set in their ideas and won't open their minds to consider other ideas for a while.

I don't know, there have been a lot of instances where a 'deadlock' of sorts occure.. like the previous entry.

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