30 November, 2007

First UAE Made Car Starts From (Dhs 36,000)

A 150-horsepower, double cabin pick-up, produced in the UAE, has been introduced in the market by Gulf Automobile Industry Corp priced between Dh36,000 and Dh60,000, its chairman said on Wednesday.

"We have sourced the parts from Japan, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, South Africa, China and Thailand. The 2,400cc engine of the pick-up is from Mitsubishi," Engineer Nasser Hamad Al Hajeri told Gulf News in an interview.

"The vehicle is made to international standards and meets all the specifications of GCC countries."

Al Hajeri said the vehicle has about 40 per cent local component, sourced from GCC and Arab countries and is being manufactured in a factory in Abu Dhabi.


the real nick said...

Nice feature: the built-in high level headlights, for convenient flashing.

But they forgot the 70% tinted glass.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Another progressive move. Good for the UAE.

Anonymous said...

headlights looks similar to chev. trailblazer

barry p. said...

Yep, this thing looks more like a Chevy than a Chevy. About as original as the Air Arabia website.

moviemania said...

Does it have a name?

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