09 November, 2007

dubai rape case

CNN has a front page link to a video report on the rape case of a 15 year-old French boy; it includes an interview with the mother.


ali said...

i was just about to post this myself.

SevenSummits said...

Thanks Sam for the contribution :-)
The link is a still troublesome (somehow I am starting to have a feeling that we are getting our news in a very indirect way from a similar source?!)

So here a more direct version (try hitting the reload button, if this does not work instantly)
My highest respect for Veronique Robert not only as an immaculate woman, but for finally doing what so many folks should have done before.
Her mentioning of all those taboo topics in the UAE is a really important issue and has led to the cover up of so many committed crimes.

In this respect also thank you to everyone for emailing me about incidents that happened in the UAE in the past – we are however still urgently looking for those known victims from the UK, so please forward any information that you have in respect to those cases. sevensummitsuae@yahoo.com

It is totally irrelevant, if you/they are guilty or not – e.g. in cohabitation, alcohol, wrong dressing, kissing girl/boyfriend in public, missed a rent payment or whatever petty offence you/they have committed. Even all those people that cheated in business deals are eventually victims.
It is a question of a completely dysfunctional justice system that nobody really comprehends (not even me! ... and I have a degree in law?!) and which judgments will merely depend on “pure chance”.
Excellent sarcasm on SDs blog: UAE Injustice System

Please remember that “Making Some Noise” (it’s a slogan from Amnesty International) will indirectly help Veronique & Alex as well as others in receiving some justice.

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