23 November, 2007

Comment Spam

Is anyone else having a problem with spam comments from Property in Dubai? Maybe it's just me, but I think it is incredibly rude of them to add comments that always include a link to their website. If they want prominent links that will enhance their search engine rankings, the least they can do is pay for them!


admin said...

Have to love search engine optimization "experts". At least the blogs don't get hit with the same level of spam as the message boards do thanks to our Russian programmer friends.

John B. Chilton said...

I get these Dubai Property "comments" from Aisha.

Woke said...

Same here.

admin said...

I'm actually interested in buying some links on blogs from the UAE, what is the best way to go about it? Email everyone individually?

samuraisam said...

admin: I'm not sure any space on here is available for sale; there are costs involved in running this site which another person pays for (the blogrolls have a monthly cost)

I'll try and see if there is any interest in countering this cost.

Of course by putting any links you'd not have any right to complain about posts complaining about your product etc (:

admin said...

We're debugging at the moment so we're not quite ready to be torn into just yet :)

But soon hopefully.

nzm said...

I'm getting the spam comments from someone called Zhanna. All links go back to http://www.dubai.org.uk/

the real nick said...

I get messages from Itisalot informing me that I can call Sri Lanka at 11pm for three fils/min.

And George from Nigeria wants to give me a milion dollars. Bless him.

B.D. said...

I get the Zhanna comments and links too. Hate that. By the way, don't forget to check out this really great blog Dubai Marina Communities!

Couldn't resist : ).

Mary said...

Hi everyone. I just want to leave my opinion about this subject regarding both point of views from blog owners and those "experts" who use comments to put links to their sites.
I agree with the complains of the blog owners (I also have a blog so I know what Im saying) when they see too much comments (from the same person or not) that include a link to some website or blog. Many times this comments are pure trash and they are not useful and also wrongly informative and they can do harm to the blog quality. Remove them is an option, other is to inform those persons that we are aware of what they do and why and ask to stop; a third one is to ask for some payment.
On the other hand we shouldn't be naive or hypocrites as some of the comments add quality to the blogs.
An example: some time ago I notice that some guy was writing a lot of comments in my blog. His comments always have a link to his site. However his opinions were very informative and useful for the development of discussion so I keep them. However tired of the amount of links I try to contact that guy and I discover he was the site owner who also have a great passion for the main subject of my blog (ecology). We agreed that he will right an article about his site, I published in my blog and his comments continue without links which were not directly related.
So as a conclusion maybe finding a way of a "fair deal" can be useful for blog owners and people doing comments. Thank you

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