29 November, 2007

Why only 40 lashes!

I probably shouldn't bring this up, but I'll try to be non-inflammatory. By this I mean the Sudan trial of a British teacher accused of allowing a Teddy-bear to be named Mohammed. The fact that any follower of Islam would dare to make a case out of something like this just adds one more big black mark on this religion. I think it unconscionable that anyone would defend the action of those who have brought such a matter to court.


Keefieboy said...

Never mind 'blasphemy' and 'insulting the Prophet'. A new 'crime' is needed: bringing Islam into disrepute. The Sudanese MinEd, Police and Courts are certainly guilty of that, along with whichever parent made the original complaint.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the distance is getting bigger and bigger... how sad!

moviemania said...

it's not Islam, it's just the crazy people that think they know what it's about. I really can't believe this.

rosh said...

Sometimes you are left in disbelief - how mind numbingly stupid, can some people be. Where or how does such thought even originate in a human brain?

ChoCohOliC said...

why do people focus on really small things and forget the big picture.
the name "Mohammed" is dear to our hearts yes, but does that mean its holy!!
lots of people cary the name and yet grow up to be unworthy of the it.. do we take them all to court..

Mme Cyn said...
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Mme Cyn said...

You have seen the final verdict, haven't you? I just love how she was not permitted to have anyone from her embassy in with her, her lawyer had to go to court armed, and the director of her own school says the verdict is 'very fair'.

The more I live in this part of the world, the more I despair of cross-cultural communication and understanding.

nzm said...

Doesn't this say more about the positive side of religion that when naming their toys, the first name that the children thought of was the name of the prophet?

I would take it a compliment and a vindication of their faith - not the other way around as these idiots are doing.

Why take it out on just the teacher - why not go the whole way and punish the kids? Oh - I know why - they're the innocents here being led astray by the infidel teacher.

No regard for the fact that she allowed the kids to name the bear.

No regard for the fact that this woman has chosen to be in Sudan and is probably a ray of sunshine in these kids' lives.


Sudan has just dragged itself back into the dark ages. There will be very few golden-hearted people like Gillian Gibbons who will risk going there now - no matter how strong their desire is to make a change in the world.

Kyle said...

The Sudanese Government’s actions against Gillian will only prompt future do-gooders to think twice before lending a helping hand.

All because the needle in the offended-meter was pushed to the limits by elements who’re probably relishing this fiasco over a glass of red and infidel chops.

Shame on these people for punishing an innocent teacher.

B.D. said...

I know people will look at this and say this isn't Islam. These are some idiots in Sudan. If so, then respectable Islamic leaders around the country (Sudan) and around the world should speak up and condemn the action of this court and this Sharia governed government. (In fact, some Muslim associations in the UK and elsewhere have started to speak out, but one would hope for more.)

Of course most impartial viewers will understand that this is not Islam, that you cannot characterize a whole religious community by the actions of an extremist few. But this episode, coming on the heels of the similarly outlandish Sharia court verdict in Saudi Arabia recently, provide verification for many, myself included, that Islam today (I'm not qualified to comment on the past) is quite simply prone toward extremism--extremist views, extremist action among its adherents.

B.D. said...

BBC reporting: Hundreds of Sudanese marching on the streets after Friday prayers, carrying banners, protesting the lenient sentence given the teacher (15 days and deportation).

Need I say more!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

B.D. here's a statement by one of the Sudanese scholars:
"If she made an innocent mistake and did not mean Mohammed the Prophet (when naming the bear) there is no problem."

Isn't that enough?

Cheeky said...

B.D, I suggest you get out there and mingle with Muslims more, like I do.

You'll soon realise that they are not as extremists as you seem set to believe..

Keefieboy said...

Cheeky: I'm sure BD and any infidel living in the UAE realises that what happened in Sudan does not represent the true Islam. The problem is, idiotic acts like this get a ton of coverage, but there is virtually no Islamic authority figure standing up and saying 'no, this is wrong'. Where's your Pope when you need him?

B.D. said...

Breaking news... She's been pardoned. Good step in the right direction.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Yes B.D. good news, the school where she used to work is still closed though...they are concerned about the airhead fanatics...

CG said...

I have to say that even though this whole thing appeared to be petty, I have a lot of things to say to people like Mrs. Gibbons. When you go to a foreign country, especially one with such troubles, like Sudan, then you have to know why they have so many problems and truly understand that you alone cannot save their country, so better be far away from it. We all know there are certain places you just don't go to in this world and Sudan is one of them. Most Sudanese would tell you that.
On another note, I do not think that Sudanese children as a general rule take teddy bears to bed with them, so it must resemble an animal rather than a cuddly toy. Call a horrible, dirty animal Mohammed? oh dear.....anyway i can talk for hours on this subject. IMHO all sides are wrong. She is wrong to tread on anything Islamic without knowing more about the culture and craziness of the people she is living amongst. Sudan have ensured that we shall all remember them for this incident. I do not see this as them pardoning this woman, instead I see it as them pardoning themselves.

CG said...

and then she hugs the British MALE muslim who secured her release. Acceptable to some, showing her lack of understanding regarding the Islamic faith to others.
She will never learn.

Lirun said...

what u should realise is that to be pardonned she needs to first be found guilty.. pardoned doesnt mean innocent but merely that the sentence was waived..

please be mindful that she is still considered guilty..

(obviously i base this standard principles of law - which may or may not apply in the case of the Sudanese court's reasoning..)

B.D. said...

Your comments, CG, rile me:

and then she hugs the British MALE muslim who secured her release

So what! Is his d**k going to suddenly get hard and he'll uncontrollably rape her and thus commit a grave sin against Allah. It's this kind of idiotic nonsense that lends to the complete discrediting of Islam in the modern world. She hugs a man, OH MY GOD a MUSLIM MAN, in a public display of relief and gratitude and you complain of her insensitivity to an idiotic religion.

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