18 November, 2007

United Arab Emirates Music

Anyone out there interested in UAE singers?

Nahian Al Katheeri (above) is the latest UAE singer to release an album, entitled "Nahian...2007"

My other favourite UAE singers are Aitha El Menhaly (below)

...Harbee Al Amry, Hamed Al Amry, Hussain Al Jasmi, Meehad Hamad, and the list goes on...

Personally, I cannot decide on a favourite: UAE Musicians strike such a special chord that differentiating becomes a challenge.

Most current local music is available at Virgin Music stores across the UAE.


Khaled-ad said...

I like Jaber jasem and some other old singers cuz most of their songs reflect the real emirati culture where the lyrics is rich in its wording and full of wisdom. I even noticed that the new generation cannot understand the old songs cuz many of the words used in these lyrics have unfortunately disappeared from our daily conversations. Here is a link of Jaber's picture and songs http://www.uae20.com/jaber%20jasem.htm . The new singers are no any different from any other Khaliji singers. I like 7sain Aljasmi though because he is creative and because he include a song in his album by Sheik Zayed ( allah yer7amah).

el said...

"UAE Musicians strike such a special chord that differentiating becomes a challenge."

They all sound the same...even to you?

i*maginate said...

*khaled-ad, thanks for your contribution. I like loads more UAE singers, not only them, but also other Khaleeji singers like Rashed Al Majed (who also has a song for HH Shaikh Zayed on his album) and a couple of others. Some of the ladies as well ;-)

*el, you'd need to read the clause before the quoted sub-clause to grasp the English. Yes, they all sound great to me, so much so, that I cannot pick a fave.

Khaled-ad said...

I meant in every single album*

EmiratesMac said...

For those of us that may not know these singers that well, can we can a taste of their work somewhere online?

Khaled-ad said...

www.6arab.com is my favorite website to listen to arabic songs.
It is supposed to be in arabic and english, but the english website is still under constuction since ever. All khaliji are grouped together but here is the dirct link to one of my favorite emirati singers Husain alJasmi http://pages.6arab.com/singers-ar/east/jasmi/index-ar.shtml
and this is the link of one of the most popular songs for him but abit old tho

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Although Aitha Al Menhaly is a talented singer; I think it is fair to say that Hussain Al Jasmi is the most successful on the pan-Arab arena.

Nature Strikes Back said...

Thanks. this is great! Was beginning to think it was all folk dance drums and Abri...

samuraisam said...

one thing to keep in mind about listening to local musicians via the internet is that the preferred format is real media (which is crap)
You can easily ruin a good computer installation by letting real media take over; search on google for real media alternatives (for instance VLC media player)

timeea said...

could someone pls help me? i need a list of famous people from the UAE. I found only these famous persons:
H.E. Sheikha Lubna Khalid Sultan al Qasimi is a pioneering woman
Abdul Qader Al Rais
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan
Abdulaziz AL Churair
Ahmed bin Majid
Hussain Al Jasmi

I would truly apreciate any help!
Thank u,

Aisha said...

i'm looking for a song lyrics are wada na ala by hussein al jasmi i think i'm not sure it used to be on 99.0 al arabia all the time and now they haven't played it and i can't find it online...i'm actually a canadian and i am a female dj...if anyone can let me know where i can find this song i'd really appreciate it...shukhran

Wendy Jane said...

I really want to find a song by an Emirati singer. It was released maybe back in the late 1980's.The song was (forgive my transliteration)"Ya Sahibi Ya Mwidni". Please help! Many thanks - I loved this music so much.

Layla said...


Anonymous said...

this might be a bit odd to this blog...

but I'm a female singer 100% local. but I sing in English as other talents here...

I might be the first pure local who is doing this and it is a big challenge + a burden but i love music and i love making it..

this is my music page:

also check other artist as Death Knight, The Ghost & Desert Heat..

we do need your support!

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