11 November, 2007

Dubai Media Blah

Ajman - Croc shock

Lighthearted report about a crocodile spotted in Ajman


Seven die as partially completed bridge collapses

Report on the death of 6 workman in Dubai Marina

As Editor, what story would you put on your front page?

7 Days plumped for the croc.

Enough said.

Underground Dubai


Mita said...

Good for 7 days - I am a bit of a tabloid addict of the wierd and wonderful. Our papers and news channels have too much doom and gloom on them!

Anonymous said...

This was a shock . .. I wonder what is there excuse

SevenSummits said...

Mmmmh – I would definitely go for George W. and Angie spending a cosy, relaxed weekend at his ranch in Crawford and how they agreed on finding a cuddly, peaceful and diplomatic solution to the Iranian issue. Just to piss everyone off and spoil their lust for malformed hysteria ...

After all, what will headlines about crocs and fatalities spark off, if you can “hate and blame” someone instead?

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