27 January, 2008

Al Ain Aerobatics Show

Why no pisc from Al Ain show? It was good.

As cool as it gets.

Girls on top. Nothing unusual.

A romanian duo on russian YAKs.

A Russian Nose-Spin. SU-31 - a perfect cork screw.


ali900 said...

Brilliant, wow!

nzm said...

awesome - thanks!

i*maginate said...

"Why no 'pisc' from Al Ain show"

I donno, dude, you tells me!!!

Did you hear those damn explosions at the end of the day you took these shots?

My ears exploded!!!

'Part from that, was a bluddy good day...nice hot dogs and some superfast lurvely planes!!! Luv Al Ain Airshow, totally rocks!

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