11 January, 2008

Arabian Ranches accident

There was an accident about two days back near Arabian Ranches, or the road leading to AR, I think. The traffic was delayed for more than 3 hours. Strangely, I did not see anything in the newspapers yet. Does anybody know anything about it? The police had blocked off the roads because of the horrible accident and it was announced on radios' traffic updates too. I'm wondering why the print press hasn't picked this up?


Jim said...

We'd wondered the same as we were tuck in the traffic but turned back!

With the rain on the roads today watch out for the flashnig hazards and cars skating like ducks on ice..

Jim & Em
GO! Smell the flowers.

B.D. said...

Could it have been the guy who climbed the power cable tower?

MD said...

Nope BD. It was a horrible crash. The car (heading from Sharjah) had flung onto the other side of the road.

BuJ said...

who cares?!

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