20 January, 2008

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Hi all, I’m a 4th year art student and having spent many years in the UAE I find that I consistently draw on my experiences of the region in my art.

For my final year exhibition I am very interested in looking at connections, what draws people together and how we enjoy connecting and learning from people with whom we have shared experiences. This idea of community and belonging, together with my interest in the Middle East brought me to the UAE Community Blog.

I am very interested in hearing about your memories of your time in the UAE, any experiences or photos you could share. Just five minutes of your time and a paragraph or two would provide me with an invaluable sense of the community we have created here in the UAE. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Wow, well I’ve been knocking around the UAE for a while now so lots of things come to mind when you ask about memories of living here. For instance, during the Gulf War in 1990/91 we used to get really excited that we had TV all day long with the coverage by CNN – before that all we had was Channel 33 which didn’t start till 3 or 4 in the afternoon, it seems like a totally different UAE to the one we live in now.

One memory that always comes to mind when I think of the old UAE is the Volcano fountain in Abu Dhabi – it was such a landmark, on all the post-cards. It’s such a pity they knocked it down – kind of like the authorities are trying to forget the Abu Dhabi of the 80s and 90s!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

hello Marian, welcome to this community and please feel right at home...

Kyle said...

Hey Marian:

First off, welcome to this Community Blog.

Dubai is a colorful society, no doubt. As an American family that moved to Dubai this past year, for us it’s been great fun mingling and interacting with the various nationalities that have made Dubai their home. Some of them have been here for decades while some like ours – well, we’re rookies in that aspect – LOL!

This past year has been a real experience, at least for us, as it gave us the chance to debunk our own fear, as well as our families who’s jaws hit the floor when we announced that we’d be moving to the Gulf. But so far it looks good, as we’re enjoying every moment of our stay here.

Interacting with various nationalities including the UAE’s Emirati population has enabled us to think outside the box, and I hope our next move would be as adventurous as the current one.

The only complaint so far is the rising number of malls. We just don’t dig them. We’d take more parks, more greenery instead of malls and lousy hotels with an equally lousy in-house service with no class.

Like I said earlier, so far so good – what’s to come remains to be seen!

Good luck with your project :)

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