31 January, 2008

GCC urged to search elsewhere for foreign labour

Bahrain is suffering from a serious case of Asia-phobia. Taken from Arabian Business:

Bahrain’s government stressed the need for Gulf states to find alternative countries to source foreign workers from on Tuesday, warning that overdependence on existing labor export countries may lead to imposition of their own working conditions.

“I do not exaggerate when I say that we will soon see a Gulf minister or Member of Parliament from the Indian subcontinent." [said Bahraini Minister, Al Alawi]

Al Aswat warned that the presence of foreign workers in the Gulf was a greater threat to the region than the fallout of a nuclear bomb or an Israeli attack.

Gulf nations are in negotiations with Vietnam to source workers(...)

Bahrain’s position on foreign workers has come under heavy criticism from human rights organizations in recent weeks after the kingdom doubled the cost of work visas for expatriates and proposed a duel price system, under which foreigners would be charged more for basic goods than locals. Bahrain has also proposed a 6-year residency cap for foreign workers.


Anna said...

His* grandfather knew no Dinars; the currency then was the Indian Rupee. His* grandfather didn't go to posh supermarkets to buy exotic food; the only exotic food was rice which arrived in dhows. He* has lost memory of his* own history.

How about a Vietnamese minister, Mr Bahraini?

Emirati said...

idiotic bahraini government. The UAE government does not take them seriously. It is one of the ascribed strategic goals that we continue to have a large expatraite population, and i think it should be so.

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