01 January, 2008

The Bit** is Back

Timeout.com is the place to go to book tickets for the Elton John concert in Abu Dhabi on 22 January. From the homepage navigate to the Dubai link--not the Abu Dhabi link--then to Tickets.

So, who cares, I hear some of you whine. Well, I'm sure I'm not the only one in this fair land who can't wait to see Elton John again. He played in Dubai in 2002. Great way to start the new year! But the tickets aren't cheap. Nine-hundred fifty dirham to get a standing spot on the ground before the grand stand. I guess that's why Sir EJ is often near the top of those annual richest entertainer lists. Now if you saw EJ in 2002 it was just him and his piano--an incredible 3 hour performance. This time it will be him with his band. With Abu Dhabi kicking off a new world tour, his voice should be in top form.

Addendum: Better yet, follow this link for a glimpse of the show!


Lirun said...

happy new year to you all.. we have timeout in telaviv as well.. i know that beirut has one two.. nice to feel connected..

Paraglider said...

Yes, happy New Year, everyone - and if you can't afford Sir Elton you can always boogie on down to the Paranormal Hotel instead ;) Or to Seaview to see Cherry & her band. Or the Rattlesnake. The visiting superstars are a welcome diversion of course, but it's nice to know that any night of the week well-played live music is freely available in Dubai

rosh said...

950 bucks for standing spots, hell she's become pricey :) however am sure it's probably worth it.

i*maginate said...

*rosh, I assumed "she" was a "he", and "he" is not an "it"?

Or did I miss something? :P

rosh said...

hahaha i* - "it" was in reference to the concert, not EJ... hahaha cheeky you :)

i*maginate said...

so, rosh, you think "it's probably worth it". *giggle*

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