28 January, 2008

Dubai Metro construction pictures

A website in Romania has some interesting pictures of the upcoming Dubai Metro...
Page 1
Page 2

EDIT: these (as pointed out in the commenting section) are photographs of the new airport terminal and not Dubai Metro


nzm said...


Anyone know which station this is?

Kyle said...

Unbelievably pretty!

These don't seem like a station but more so a hotel lobby.

Rumor has it that Sheikh Mohamed had scrapped initial plans because he wanted to give these stations a 5 or 7 star look.

I guess, this is that outcome!

Man, what a look :)

Wow :)

Mansur said...

Page 2 looks like the interior of an airport, maybe the extension of the existing airport. It certainly seems a little too massive for a metro station!

atlasiali said...

These are photos of Dubai Terminal 3 which is almost completed. and not Dubai Metro. I've seen many metro/underground stations and none of them has such huge halls.

rosh said...

Sam, these are pictures of DXB's International Terminal 3, not the metro (at Page 2, it is quite clear.....)

the real nick said...

Some of the pics are of the airport, as you can see from the triangular windows in one of the pictures. You can see those windows from Casablanca road
on the airport extension
opposite Festival City.

But despair not - I have seen some plans of Metro stations -they'll beat Oxford Circus any day...

the real nick said...

Talking of Metro.
if you have time and want to witness a major cock-up in progress get yourselves down to IC 3 / Manara road bridge leading into Al Quoz.

When they first put up the columns either side of the bridge they looked rather low to me, considering the depth of the viaduct girders that could be seen elsewhere, and the required span and clearance over the existing bridge.

Voila'. After conspicuous inactivity they now built four more columns around the big round ones, in effect raising the level of the viaduct bridge section by at least a metre. They obviously got the levels wrong. The round columns appear now obsolete.

Hahaha. Some engineer will get his balls chewed.
Or worse.

Video said...

thanks for putting my link on your site.

samuraisam said...

From what I gather the green line and purple line of Dubai Metro connect via Dubai airport in some manner; this may account for the photographs being titled as metro photographs.

i*maginate said...

lol nick "if you have time and want to witness a major cock-up in progress"

I don't mind: where the party at? ;-)

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Real Nick, with all due respect, the round column is not obsolete at all. Please take a closer look. The viaduct is resting on the top of it (as well as on the top of the other four peripheral secondary columns).

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