14 January, 2008

Uncle Bush is in Town

Congratulations to all of us on the auspicious occasion of our beloved uncle's visit to Dubai. We are so happy that we have declared a public holiday in his honour. He really deserves this, after all he is here to preach the message of peace & love. Peace & harmony in the region can be fully achieved by killing few thousand more people. Then all of us will live happily ever after.

Bush warned that Iran was the main "threat" to regional security, a theme he repeated during his current tour in the region, despite Arab opposition to any military solution to Iran's controversial nuclear project.

"Iran is today the world's leading state sponsor of terror. It sends hundreds of millions of dollars to extremists around the world while its own people face repression and economic hardship at home," he said.

I can really feel his concern for our region. Despite so many economic problems at home, he has made efforts to send thousands of his troops to our region & spent billions of dollars so that we the oppressed people of the middle east can enjoy the fruits of "freedom". He really is a God fearing person, as can be seen from his speech yesterday where he said,
"A great new era is unfolding before us. This new era is founded on the equality of all people before God. This new era is being built with the understanding that power is a trust that must be exercised with the consent of the governed - and deliver equal justice under the law. And this new era offers hope for the millions across the Middle East who yearn for a future of peace and progress and opportunity."
I couldn't agree with you more, I really love you Uncle Bush. But I really hope that your words were reflected in your administrations foreign policy towards the region too. Hope you enjoy our hospitality :-)


Kyle said...

What an amateur load of crap some people post these days. Shows nothing but contempt and their absolute lack of class, decency, and intellectualism in this day and age.

On a more serious note, isn’t mocking or criticizing a friendly Head of State construed, as an act of violation in the UAE? I’m sure I read this somewhere in the UAE publications law.

archer14 said...

Don't blame him Kyle...didn't you read Gulf News' open 'Letter to Bush' last Friday?
I thought news organizations gave you the News and that was it. That was the most amateurish bit Id read on the front page of a newspaper. It wasn't the first though. I love reading them, it's unbelievably entertaining.

samuraisam said...


Desert Scorpion said...

Dubai Guy: Great post. The best thing Bush has done for this region for the last 8 years!

Nature Strikes Back said...

Don't I bloody know uncle bloody Bush is in town. It took me 2 hours yesterday to get from Bur Dubai to Trade Centre, 25 mins of that walking after the bus was at the same light for 5 reds. Today I had to take a long and circuitous backstreet route for a doctors appointment after being told by a very jumpy policeman that I couldn't actually leave the street I live on.

backstreet and today I when the bus hadn't moved for

D said...

My friend's neighbours in Karama were ordered to not even stand in their balconies by plainclothes policemen ... :S
Literally under house-arrest!!!

MD said...

We are all terrorists after all!

hemlock said...

why are they taking bush into karama?
(just asking)

Anonymous said...

D : that's exactly what I was going to say!

we're literally trapped in our own homes.

and kyle ..jeebus, why are you so rude?

D said...

Haha ... I have no idea why Bush is going into Karama... but that's what everyone there has been ordered to do: stay inside. I believe my friends' father ventured outside his building and was told to go back home by policemen.
Ah well ...

Lirun said...

intense.. it was intense here as well.. some of my friends left jerusalem for the days he was there..

i*maginate said...

kyle, sometimes it's just best to shut up. :)

err...hello everyone, can I leave my house now that peace has been achieved?

archer14 said...

yep, just half an hour to go.

Kyle said...

i*maginate, let me complete that for you - instead of writing and making a fool of yourself. :)

rosh said...

hmmm lotsa drama :) Perhaps everybody could chillax a bit and extend Bush Jr true UAE hospitality on his first visit eh?

GN sure displayed their moronic sentiments, blah!

Patricia said...

How about a day off for the French Presidents visit?

Simone said...
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Simone said...
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UAE day off lover said...

Day off for Sarkos visit... what a great idea!

kilo said...

Retailing Politics and wholesaling Horse shit

George Bush is in town. So what.. Now,just as the many million Arabs world over and those here in UAE, I never felt comfortable with George Bush either.

As much as I admire his father, the son couldn't have been more different. His father saved Kuwait and its oil wells and has great political skills while Jr didn't have any such skills.

There was no flag waving Americans anywhere on the street of Abu Dhabi today, except the fact that the whole city was under siege.

Today he was in Dubai and they have declared a holiday just as some days when the Monsoon Rain gets bad they used to declare schools closed.. Wow!!!

But his father George Bush Sr was serious about the world in a way the son still isn't.

When Kuwait war was raging I was in Bahrain .. Where most of my clients those days were much more keen on knowing how the cockeyed Al -Husseini missile wud fly.

I wud tell them then that it was almost like a Sivakasi Rocket in the hands of Armugam who sent it whizzing past the wrong ears each Deepavali.. Bush Sr atleast pretended that he was genuinely interested in how the world worked, although he didnt give a rats arse..

But I loved the motley group of characters that surrounded and comforted George Bush Jr .

If you looked at the original Bush cabinet, whether you agreed with them or not, you had to admit they were at least serious people. Dick Cheney,Rumsfeld, Rice, et al have centuries of government service between them. Most served in the Nixon, Ford or Bush administrations.

Very few folks in the Arab world have accused President Bush of being exceptionally smart…

Almost every other day there is some gaffe abt him and I thought there were more Bush jokes than Sardar jokes for once and that shud be a big relief to those embattled people..

Patent horseshit is what he spoke here and there’s nothing new in it.. Iranians are the butt of his ire these days..

If this was a rallying support whirlwind tour, I think most of the folks in this region dozed off listening to his war mongering and Iranian mullahs have always enjoyed saber rattling at the Amerigan Shaitan now that Salman Rushdie is a boring figure strutting after Padma Laxmi another Kafir Hindu like me.. ..

You know, people like me used to have an idealized vision of America as the home of the free land of the brave . Then came the imagery of Ameriga as a place where crazy people were allowed to have guns and take them any damn place so long as it was not the church where like Hindu Temples you left it outside like yr slippers..

Imagine reading all those Western Comics watching those Spaghetti movies of Sergio Leone, I always thought America was supposed to be a place where a man is never too drunk to fuck and never too fucked to keep on drinking.

Imagine the bar where they had shots of Bourbon or Whiskey or be it Tequila, the small glass sliding across the bar, for a refill …

To me those imagery is as romantic as Buckets of Sambar in a Idli Joint flying .. The fact that everything in Ameriga is allegedly bigger gave me and my pathetic dick some hope.

Instead, in this Age Bush, has turned out Ameriga to be a land of housewives, sissies and little girls whining on all things including jobs going to India or Chinese making more dolls and toys .

It is something akin to the set of Brokeback Mountain without Ang Lee distorting the view of Marlboro Country…. Imagine a macho horse back riding men rolling in the grass and smooching..

I just cant bear to think all that I read in JT Edson or Sudden was a big hoax or a myth..

Bloody Hell.. I cud burn down R Lending Library in Village Road off Sterling road for selling me quack stuff in my childhood and making me say the macho lines of Gregory Peckory "Mackennas Gold", or The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, For a Fistful of Dollars.

The tune that Ventures played still rings in my head on days when I cant think of anything else but the past. I had seen those movies in Blue Di more than a dozen times ...

If there's one thing that's a given in politics, world over it's that Americans hope Hollywood wud restore their faith by capturing Iran ..

How about making Desperate Hamas Housewives or a Spiderman sequel coming.

And when was the last time you heard Arnold Schawneggar name prefaced with the word "comedian?"……

archer14 said...

^ had a bit too much to drink sitting at home eh?
LOL @ Desperate Hamas Housewives

Anonymous said...

Kyle: I always enjoy reading your comments, especially on my posts. Thanks for the compliment, yes I want to reply back but i prefer silence since your standard & standard is much higher than us the poor, oppressed souls ;-)

Archer: My friend, what you mean by don't blame him? Don't you guys see double standards in the American Foreign policy?

Samuraisam: I didn't knew I was sitting for a test ;-)

Desert Scorpion: You are welcome. But I was wondering what you meant when you said, "The best thing Bush has done for this region for the last 8 years"

i*maginate: The shut up message for Kyle was in my defence or his favor? :-)

Rosh: What moronic sentiments of GN you guys are talking about? Have I missed something?

Kilo: That was the biggest comment I have ever read on a blog post. Yes I agree with most of the points you mentioned. Your profile is empty, when are we going to see your own blog? :-)

Anonymous said...

Bush should have bombs Iran and its allies to ashes. They are irreverent to the world; they don’t contribute anything except terror and unrest. The world will be a better place without them… I guess age mush have caught up with Bush Jr. he lost the fire.

Keefieboy said...

@Angelica. Very cute comment: where's your blog?

Anonymous said...

Angelica: Perhaps you are right. We need to find ways of using the almost two third of world's weapons (if i am not wrong)America produces. After all, it makes economic sense !!

Keefieboy: Wow. You found that a cute comment?

Anonymous said...

Why arent your guys taking me seriously? I have work in the middle east and people there are rude and babaric! They cant treated as equal with other races, all they know is violent… see they way they drive, treat others like trash… they should be extimated from the world.

ميرزا said...

I wonder if Bush stopped by Rolla. I hear its very pleasant at around 8 pm on a thursday night.

Anyway I guess from the American perspective they're justified in trying to gather support to fight Iran.

Iran is the only country with just enough muscle to flex and thereby influence policy in the Gulf, the US will not allow another dominant force in the Gulf ( that is not already a proven ally i.e. france, UK etc..)

Anonymous said...

Angelica: You rock !

ميرزا: Why Rolla?

i*maginate said...

Dubai Guy, Rolla serve great oily samosas accompanied by "Karak" at peak times. The air smells fantastically refreshing as well...

All @ the cost of Dhs. 2 max!

Fantastic way to soak up the atmosphere ;-)

Anonymous said...

Do you recommend any particular outlet in Rolla? I know of a place opposite al maghfira mosque / radisson sas hotel, their karak is simply out of this world :-)

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