13 January, 2008

good planning

This is what happens to the UAE community blog traffic when the announcement declaring a public holiday because of a presidential visit is made 6 hours the day before...

The most popular searches of the day...
"12 3.60% dubai road closures
11 3.30% road closure dubai
8 2.40% roads closed bush visit dubai
5 1.50% dubai road closure
4 1.20% road closing during bush visit to dubai
4 1.20% road closing in dubai during bush visit
4 1.20% bush visit dubai holiday
4 1.20% roads closed in dubai
4 1.20% road closures dubai
4 1.20% dubai public holiday due to bush visit
4 1.20% roads blocked for bush dubai
4 1.20% bush dubai road closure
3 0.90% roads closed in dubai bush
3 0.90% bush visit uae roads blocked january 2008
3 0.90% uae blogger
3 0.90% road closure in dubai
3 0.90% president bush in dubai blogspot
3 0.90% roads closure on monday, dubai
3 0.90% closed roads dubai
3 0.90% dubai holiday due to bush visit
3 0.90% wudu washer system
3 0.90% dubai road closed bush visit
3 0.90% bush dubai visit road closure
3 0.90% roads closing dubai for bush visit
3 0.90% dubai closed for bush
3 0.90% road closures dubai 14 jan
3 0.90% meritocracy is the key to dubai's limitless ambitions
2 0.60% holiday declared dubai bush
2 0.60% dubai bush roads
2 0.60% road closures president visit dubai"


Anonymous said...


Thanks Bushy. No school tomorrow !

Dani said...

LOL. Amazing change in stats. :)

Seabee said...

And nobody realised that closing roads, tunnels and bridges would cause traffic problems! Until they saw today's gridlock, panicked and declared a holiday.

Vision and good planning are words that don't come to mind!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Sam, you've actually made a diagram out of this?

I second Seabee, and I hope those planners at RTA are as obsessed with 'traffic' as you are!

hemlock said...

"Dubai declares national holiday for Bush visit"
wouldve made such an awesome headline ...

Editor said...

Something similar happened with the Dubai Chronicle Statcounter yestarday.
Acording the statistics, the readers were looking for "public holiday 14 January Dubai", but not really "Bush visit".

slaten said...

Consider yourselves lucky: he only messed up one day of your lives! We've had 8 years of fun. Yay.

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