04 January, 2008

Global Village Dubai

I was lucky enough to be able to drag a few energetic friends along to the Global Village Dubai that takes place every winter.

From experience, I know to take warm clothing along, to prepare me for a few hours in this desert wonderland that can get quite chilly in the evening.

Prepare to go on an empty stomach, as long as you intend to go on the numerous rides that make up Global Village: otherwise, you can stroll around the area, taking in the amazing atmosphere which comprises national pavillions; family entertainment; and live cooking stations from all over the world.

One of the pavillions that displayed a dance routine at the time of my visit was that of Afghanistan: I was completely awestruck by the Afghan dance: the rhythm of the drums; the circle of Afghan dancers (who appeared to be members of the public), and the unique expression of dance of what is a large community in Dubai.

Global Village is a fantastic display of international culture, presenting a great insight into many countries' traditions - a fun wonderland right in the heart of Dubai.

What are your most memorable experiences of Global Village?


Dani said...

What are your most memorable experiences of Global Village?

We were struck in traffic going to Global Village awhile ago. We wondered how come the bloody lane was not moving till a friend of ours called us and said that the police already "closed" GV due to the overload of visitors. (from around 7~8pm) It was very frustrating. We ended up in a mall instead. LOL. :(

Anyway here's something really unforgettable: I've bought one of those horn headbands (the one that lights up) in the China pavilion and wore it while strolling around the place. The next thing I knew, everybody I passed by through would stare at me with classic WTF expression in their faces!

rosh said...

Dani - SAME HERE! Friends & I were stuck in (standstill) traffic for about 45 minutes....we ditched the village and drove over to MOE (Mall of the Emirates). I hope to visit the village soon - never been there.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

I was invited by a Filipino friend to a gig by a superstar filipno singer, that was actually 3 years ago when the global village only ran during the DSF time. It was quite an interesting experience.

But i didn't go since then, i keep hearing about the horrific traffic jams. the above two comments seem to agree!

moviemania said...

I love the food there. All kinds! The best thing is when it's cold and you get a nice hot cup of chai karak.

Mmmmmmmmm. :)

Curious said...

Traffic jams and bone breaking crowd apart...Love the much over priced artifacts and masks from the Kenyan stalls...

Mansur said...

I've always loved the African stalls for they were always the most original and their products are good. I've got more bad experiences than memorable ones of GV though. However, my most memorable experience of GV dates back to 1999, when it used to be held next to Wafi city: the traffic was bearable, right amount of people- not too crowded, excellent rides from UK and great bargains.


nzm said...

Agree with Mansur. GV was the best when it was held on the grounds by the Dubai Creek.

The stalls were filled with genuine treasures from all the participating countries and the fairground rides and prices were awesome.

nick said...

My most memorable moment was driving up to Global Village when it was at Festival City, and finding a parking in 4 minutes!

CG said...

Yes, the old location (Festival City) was much better.
I did go once last year, and vowed never again. Never, ever again.

CG said...

Yes, the old location (Festival City) was much better.
I did go once last year, and vowed never again. Never, ever again.

i*maginate said...

Hehe...those who mentioned traffic: how unpredictable. Why am I the only one who doesn't experience traffic in Dubai? You gotta reach the place at a good time, and have hawk's eyes for a good parking spot. Yes, traffic upon leaving Global Village can be defined as *traffic* -a mere 10-15 mins.

*moviemania...did you notice a "KARAK" stall at every corner? Good marketing...they tapped into the demand...! ;-) Every Tom, Hamed and Hania had one at hand!

*curious & mansur, totally agree: the African pavillions were the most enterprising, I found. I even managed to speak some French with the Senegal traders! I loved the atmosphere.

And those who prefer the old location, I agree in nostalgic terms, but I find due to the larger space at the current Global Village, it's more accessible, easier to reach because of its setting on a main motorway (no traffic in my opinion, depending on the time of arrival), and it has greatly expanded, making it more fun for the masses.

funfunfun said...

i agree with the above post. the funfair part of GV was better in the 90's. more choice, more rides, more atmosphere and more fun. bring back the funfair of the 90's.!!!

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