30 January, 2008


Perhaps my paranoia is getting the better of me. Perhaps the person who tried to wipe out my husband last night is the same one who pulls plugs at Itisatwat?

Blogger dashboard sign in process has been in Arabic only for days now. I've gone through all my settings, but no ways can I find any mistake. It should be in English, but it isn't. *sigh*

The Nav bar has taken on schitzophrenic tendencies - one day it's in Arabic, the next in English. It can't seem to make up its mind(s?)

And now, my battery has been p*ssed on, because when I clicked on the link for the Blogger Help Group, I got the 'Site Blocked' blue & red page!

Can anyone shed some light on this for me please?


Grumpy Goat said...

Entering the Blogger 'Dashboard' and re-asserting 'English' gets the top bar back into Latin characters, but it defaults to Arabic next time I look at Blogger.

I suspect the problem is related to Blogger's recent improvement that supports right-to-left text, Blogger detects that the user is in the Sandlands and infers that Arabic text is the preferred option. Blogger help isn't helpful.

Any more-informed ideas?

Seabee said...

We all seem to have the same problem with the Arabic taking over, including here on the Community Blog.

And now a cable has been cut so the whole region has internet connection problems.

Kyle said...


With g-mail access down, I had to log on through the blogger home page. Now if you end up on the Arabic page, just click on the blogger icon. That’d take you to your sign page in English. There’s also a default language selector but that doesn’t work the next time I sign in.

I think for now the above exercise is the best option until those geeks at Blogger fix this problem.

One thing's for sure, it's damn annoying :(

Cheers :)

Brian64 said...

Kyle is right. For now, click on the blogger icon and then when you get to the dashboard click on view your blog. IT should switch back to english.

secretdubai said...

I have even had this happen on a recent overseas trip. I wonder if having originated ones account in the UAE is doing this? Or having ones location listed as Arabic somewhere?

It happens when I log out of gmail - it goes to Arabic momentarily, then switches back to English. Strange.

i*maginate said...

Hey kyle! Thx 4 pointing the gmail thing out, no wonder my gmail is slow as a sandy snail!

Editor said...

The Blogger Help Group is *Blocked Site* since more than 3 weeks, but you can access it trough the search option.......at least on my laptop.

The Arabic on Blogger main page is due to new Blogger Beta in Arabic. You should opt for English at the language preferences and it's fine.

Anonymous said...

You are in the Arabic world, respect our custom… learn arabic! You will love it!

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