17 January, 2008

New members

I just found a stack of emails I had overlooked processing from people who wanted to become UAE comm members. Really sorry to you all for the delay.

Don't forget to encourage any friends/family that blog or are interested in blogging to become members. Joining UAE community is an easy way to be involved with blogging without having to necessarily have your own blog.

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Paraglider said...

Greetings -
I was wondering why some of the listed blogs have asterisks and some don't?
Thinking it might mean recently updated, I checked the link to mine (The Paranormal Hotel) shortly after updating it. No asterisk, so no wiser!
Then I noticed that on mouseover it said 'last updated December 31'. But that's wrong, as there have been 3 Jan posts.
None of this is earth-shattering, but it would be nice to know, if you have a spare moment. Thanks!

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