25 January, 2008

The two best decisions I ever made

Two things that regular travellers should never do without especially if you are based in Dubai – the e-gate card and a priority pass membership card. I have both. I have been doing a fair bit of travelling but now that I have an e-card, I am convinced that even if I use it once a year, its well worth every penny. It saves you a lot of time hanging around in queues – of course there are no guarantees in the baggage claim but that's beyond our control. Maybe that is something the airlines might want to think of – priority baggage. Hmm?

The other is my priority pass membership. I know this is blatant publicity but I think that was also one of the best investments I made. If you are anything like me (a small business owner), then every time you travel you are looking for the best deal possible and quite often this means that you need to sometimes transit through a second airport. Thanks to my priority pass – while I save money travelling cattle class – I get the privilege of using the comfy lounges and relax in the plush sofas, eat and drink for free, access the Internet. When you have to kill more than 3 hours – this is heaven sent.

Trust me – its all worthwhile


DUBAI JAZZ said...

Mita, thanks for the valuable post. Would you please elaborate where is the actual time-saving in using the E-Card?

Is it in checking-in, passport control or security check?

Anonymous said...

DJ: the e-card is used in e-gate, instead of passport control, so it saves you standing in the huge queues to stamp your passport (in and out).
The thing is that – recently – it doesn’t always work. After one or two failed-attempts, one has to stand in a smaller queue, for a manual entry by the officer. Anyway, it’s still a good time saving, even if you stand in the small queue!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Thanx Hatem!

elle said...

Thanks for that, when I flew into Dubai last month I had no idea what the e-card was. Do you know about checking in at those machines between the check-in queues. Is it for people without baggage only?

Anonymous said...

Elle: self check in machines are for Emirates flights, whether you have baggage or not. If you have baggage, you drop them in a special counter made for that reason, after finishing your self check in. It’s also faster than normal check in procedures.

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