22 January, 2008

TDIM 2008

The official link to the TDIM 2008 exhibition is here.

More effective advertising might have resulted in better footfall @ this highly important show.

"One of the world's largest privately-held property developers, will showcase plans for its new era of waterfront development at this year's TDIM 2008 (Tourism Development project & Investment Market), a new exhibition taking place at Dubai World Trade Centre on 20th to 22nd January.

Nakheel will play a key role in the first ever TDIM exhibition with the largest stand in the company's history, which is approximately the same size as three Olympic swimming pools. A number of new developments will be revealed in exciting shows talking place in two large domes situated within the stand. Nakheel will also unveil a 13 metre-long scale model of Dubai with an updated show, detailing the role the waterfront has played in the growth of Dubai and the major role Nakheel has played in this."

Director, Sales, Marketing and Customer Services:

"Nakheel is thrilled to play such a major role in the first ever TDIM exhibition. As the creator of some of the world's most iconic developments, TDIM provides a perfect opportunity to showcase our most visionary projects, such as The Palm Jumeirah and The World, but also the exciting new waterfront projects that we are launching this month." (...)

rest of official article is here


Anonymous said...

Do you work in the marketing department of Nakheel or TDIM? :-)

B.D. said...

I don't even know what TDIM stands for. Of course, I know I can just go to some website and find out. But why does Nakheel choose this somewhat obscure platform? Why not make better use of the extremely popular Citiscape expos, now running at least twice ayear in the UAE and several more times among various other countries?

And just for the record, their Universe proposal is so for the dogs. People are fuming about it at Skyscrapercity.com.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

That was the most monotonous sale's pitch I've ever read..

ya3ni ya i*maginate, ma betla3 ma3ek a7san min heek?!

i*maginate said...

*dubai guy, how did you NOT guess?! :P

*b.d., ya hit the jackpot - ya got the gist of this post.

b.d., I commented "More effective advertising might have resulted in better footfall @ this highly important show."

ya3ni, because this show was not heavily advertised and the big players exhibited, it seems to have been a last-min thing...for a certain heavily-sponsoring developer to use as a media platform to announce its latest gigantic project.

You mention Cityscape: because this show is increasingly busy, it's no longer an appropriate occasion to make an announcement regarding a project of colossal size.

*dubai jazz - honey, read my above comment to B.D....

& you think that was a sales pitch for an exhibition that ended at the time of posting this? lol. Demonstrates your opinion of Nakheel's capabilities ;-)

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