21 January, 2008

Letters from Readers: "Mistaken Identity"

Dear All,
I received a mail from a reader describing her recent experience with the Dubai authorities.
It is not shocking, but informative, calm & well written letter - " good to know" story!
"I would like to tell you about my recent experience I had on a trip to Dubai.
I arrived at the early morning hours on Tuesday 15th January. I was travelling with my husband who is a captain for an international airline based in Asia. I had decided to go on a trip with him which allowed me to stop in Dubai for 24 hours on our way to London.
I had a lovely day in Dubai visiting the fantastic shopping malls and even had the opportunity to go snowboarding in the indoor ski slope situated in the Mall of the Emirates............."


Proud Emirati said...

so how is that different from what might happen in the rest of the world? She seem to remember everything :P I wouldn't be able to remember any if I was in her situation !

Kyle said...

That is one spooky predicament I’d do my best to avoid getting into. Not because I’m scared of all this cloak and dagger stuff. But the degradation one is put through while in waiting before being offered a redemption without so much, as a apology for the oversight/incompetence.

I wouldn't be able to remember any if I was in her situation !

Proud Emirati: How would you know when you were not in her situation? A word of advice to you. ‘Never ever prejudge yourself, as to what you'd remember, because you don’t know what you'd remember unless you ended up in a situation, as close or similar to the Lady in question’.

Go figure!

Angelica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Angelica said...

This is the way of UAE...

If you dont like it LEAVE!!!!

Not one emirati going to shed a tears for you leaving.

What do you expect? THis is the ARAB world....

See around you... anywhere peace?

the real nick said...

I got a theory about how things like this happen. A case of 'Lost in translation'.

I noticed many times that on English transcripts of Arabic semiofficial documents my two first names (I have two, just like the lady in question) were shown as surname, and my surname was omitted altogether, so that the two first names appeared to be first and a surname.

Perhaps this has to do with the left to right English erraneously being read by a native Arabic speaker right to left without 'switching' the positions of first and surnames.

I'm curious, Arab speakers, is this likely to happen?

Keefieboy said...

@angelica - are you for real? I hope not.

i*maginate said...

Proud Emirati, I agree with kyle on his comment to you regarding your insinuating her story is fabricated merely because of the detail provided.

For starters, adrenaline can work wonders for alertness and memory ("fight or flight", - pun intended in this case!) and lastly...it wouldn't be impossible to remember each detail of such a gruelling encounter!

Btw in the last year or so, when the Abu Dhabi immigration held the wrong person for travelling on a false passport, they admitted their mistake with the AD Police awarding the man compensation, and the ceremony was publicised with pics in Gulf News. I hope that answers your "rest of the world" query.

Editor said...

I think that "the real Nick" makes sense.

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