30 January, 2008

There's a cable cut again folks.

I guess you're all having the same problems as me with the connection.

There's a cable cut, according to Reuters it's near Alexandria, and it's affecting the region from India to Egypt to Saudi Arabia to the UAE...

It will take "several days" to fix.

Oh great.

The reuters report is here.

Update - Gizmodo has more details.


Kyle said...

Until I read your comment in Jayne's label, I was under the impression there was a bug that had slowed down my system to a snail's pace.

Thanks for the update :)

DUBAI JAZZ said...

It took me 19 bloody minutes to get here, why the Egyptian fishermen had to drop their anchors this deep?

i*maginate said...

I had no idea there could be an official problem until I read this post. No brobs with plogger, but my pages take yonks to reload. If I bass thru Salik, might make my connection faster.

John B. Chilton said...

I read it in Gulf News. Now I believe it.

Editor said...

I received a Press Release from du at 3.57 pm yesterday.


nzm said...

BBC report here

ali900 said...

yeh i read the BBC report first and the net is slow - usually gonna take AGES for it to repair!

Assistant Editor said...

du has been informed that the cuts on both FLAG and SEA-ME-WE4 cables occurred at approx 12km north of Alexandria. This incident has impacted international and regional telecom services from operators across the Gulf, Egypt Middle East and India. The two cables are 400m apart at this point which suggests that a ship has dragged its anchor through both cables.

FLAG and SEA-ME-WE4 have activated their emergency repair process. Given the proximity of the two systems, it is likely that one ship will do both repairs. While no schedule is available yet for the repair, initial estimates indicate it will take at least two weeks to repair the FLAG cable.

du has implemented a new routing plan to re-route its international outbound voice traffic on other available routes and secured more capacity for internet access in order to provide our customers service that is as close to normal levels as possible.

du is continuously monitoring the performance of its international outbound voice service and making adjustments to minimize the impact on our customers. (PR)tt

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