12 March, 2008

'Arabic has been confirmed as the official language of UAE federal authorities'

So much for Arabic being the official language if they can't spell the country's capital right. When will the Emaratis say 'enough!'!!

This photo was sent to me by email today……… heads should roll.... people need to respect the country and the language.... No more La Hoya Bays and No more westren names.... Arabic names for projects in an Arab country.... these are baiscs... Sign boards even for shops should be frist approved as many are misspelled in Arabic before being displayed to the public.


ColOman said...
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B.D. said...

Well, a lot of the English gets mispelled, too. Why not just be content with multilingualism, like in India?

Anyone spot the pun?

BuJ said...

Lolo coloman.. I got this on sunday :P


how ru anyway dude?

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious!

Proud Emirati said...

yea and stupid project names like Business Bay, Marina, Water front, Dubai Festival City should be Arabized. Add the names of towers too !!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

أنا البحر في أحشائه الدر كامن ؟فهل سألوا الغواص عن صدفاتي


DUBAI JAZZ said...

يا من هواه أعزه و أذلني..... كيف السبيل إلى وصالك دلني؟

ياء....هل من مجيب؟

DUBAI JAZZ said...

No, I couldn't spot the pun.
Care to give a clue?

ColOman said...

Proud Emarti,

I hope there are more of you, sadly I dont think there are.


All well buddy, I always check out your blog :)

ColOman said...

Proud Emarati,

At least Business Bay has an Arabic name..... now the other dont even have a translation to it.

When will the Arabs demand to have their language respected

Dark AngeL said...


Dubai Entrepreneur said...

That's funny.. I saw the link to buj's blog and how he finds it as annoying as the ta marbootah where a ha' is supposed to be.

It all boils down to education, doesn't it? I am fortunate enough to have received a decent education with parents overspending on it and being overly demanding. It has its ups and downs.. not a paper goes in front of me without me quickly spotting problems with it, which goes for both English and Arabic. It's a curse really, since the vast majority of people don't seem to find it important.

The typical answer I get is, "who cares? it's just a couple dots..." or for English, "just an apostrophe.." and my answer is simple, this piece of paper says something about you. It says, "who cares, I'm just a nobody. Is that what you want?"

This is often met with a confused look, followed by eyes looking to the floor and hoping for a quick get away from my sight.

Ah.. literacy.

P.S. this comment and others are written in haste and contain several grammatical mistakes.

BuJ said...

lol DE.. you should meet my dad.. you will love him.. he's been correcting my "it's" and "its" since i was born and decades later he's still at it!

the "tah" marboota is very very annoying for me. and more so now that i noticed it (probably back in the 1990s) and no one fixes it. stupid calligraphers actually do not know arabic! just copy like parrots.

i was tempted to goto the police and say the vehicle shouldn't be registered if it contained mistakes like that.

i think it was my dad that told me not to be too silly! contridictions!

one last thing DE.. there is no such thing as overspending on education! Can you become overeducated or overknowledgable? i think not!

BuJ said...

coloman, ya hala! you should also comment once in a while on my blog. you know i love commenters!

DJ.. it's great when you type in arabic.. but there will be no mujeeb as u know this blog is for al engleeez and el ajanib el mala3een.. wo yimken hoon willa hoon bitlaa2ilak wa7ad 3arabi bil ghala6 :P

DUBAI JAZZ said...

True BuJassem, but a bit sad though, I thought somebody would take me up on the poetry game :/

Anonymous said...

Lol, Buj :)))

secretdubai said...

To spell Abu Dhabi wrong is just inexcusable, but as b.d. mentions, the standard of signwriting spelling in any language across the UAE is atrocious. It's like they just make it up.

Consistent spelling is all the more crucial in these days of Google Maps and GPS, let alone for branding and internet searching.

BuJ said...

SD, hello!

the really painful spelling is Abu Dhabi in ARABIC

they spelt it as Abu Dubai... which is just painful.. and sad

secretdubai said...

they spelt it as Abu Dubai

Gosh - that's like a Freudian slip!

Very politically sensitive as a mistake ;)

BuJ said...

this is a high-profile mistake, but you should see all the silly little mistakes that get ignored. It's very annoying seeing your language butchered. I mean it's one thing seeing English being misspelt etc in a non-English speaking country like the UAE. But you'd expect them to master Arabic!!

Ok.. moan over!

BuJ said...

good luck explaining who Freud is to the sign-maker!

Keefieboy said...

Buj: how about you capitalising each word of a sentence?!!!

BuJ said...

ey, Keefie, we're not German.. :P

DUBAI JAZZ said...

For those who are genuinely interested in learning Arabic, I can spare few hours every week to help you. For free. You only need to be dedicated enough to keep me enthusiastic!

adnan said...

just wanted to comment that all signboards and shop signage is actually checked by the govt dept before they are allowed to go up.

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