24 March, 2008

Dubai to join 'Earth Hour' blackout

The Gulf city state of Dubai is to join two dozen cities around the world later
this month in turning off the lights for one hour to raise awareness about
global warming. "Dubai is the first Arab city to declare its support for Earth
Hour" slated for March 29, said a statement on Tuesday by sponsors of the move
in Dubai, one of the seven members of the United Arab Emirates.
Residents in Dubai were urged to switch off all non-essential lights for one hour at 8:00 pm local time (1600 GMT) on the day "to send a message around the world that we have the power to take action against global warming."

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im just curious as to how people would define essential vs non essential. but here's a question. what would incentivise you to not "waste" - having to pay extra (as in the case of slab tariff introduced by dewa), or the thought that you were umm... contributing to the greater good of mankind... or saving the world... or something?

does the earth hour blackout (where you get to keep the essential lights on) mean anything to you?


Keefieboy said...

This seems pretty pointless. People who are aware of their energy use will already be using the lest they can. Those who are not aware will remain that way until the power runs out.

the real nick said...

I don't mind switching off a few non essential lights which I switch off anyway when not needed, but the telly stays on at 8pm.

It's Johnny Bravo time at Cartoon Network!

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Lights in my flats are almost always switched off between 8 and 9 pm.

What should I do to join?

Dubai Entrepreneur said...

I think you are missing the point. This is more of an awareness campaign than the ability to actually save a few watts of energy. The more people doing it, the more people will notice, the more people asking questions.. the more awareness.

On that note, it means nothing to me personally. I live in Dubai.. which means, I don't give a rat's !@# what's happening to Earth or anything else for that matter.

But living elsewhere, I probably would have joined in.

Lirun said...

i think its awesome..

Kyle said...

I agree with Dubai Entrepreneur.

Might I add, this whole thing is about long-term awareness instead of just shutting down for an hour.

The authorities here should draw up their own program of awareness, be that energy, water conservation and recycling.

Be unique.

Lead, and not just follow :)

hemlock said...

my skepticism stems from a feeling that such initiatives are cosmetic. changing habits and attitudes requires much more than a "show of solidarity".
"salik" penalizes people for using garhoud, so they have moved away to other crossings.
in England, people will have to pay taxes on the amount of rubbish they produce.
the slab tariff system introduced by DEWA makes more sense, if the idea is to force people into reducing elec & water consumption.
if it's about taking action against "global warming", the first thing governments in the developed world need to do is impose taxes on industries & corporates that are the largest contributors to environmental pollution.

Nick: Johnny Bravo - essential
DJ: hmm. if the lights in your apartment are usually off at that time, i would recommend switching on the essential ones - as a show of solidarity
DE: you dont have to change your value system just cuz yer in dubai. if it's a cause you believe in, then you shouldnt worry about who's holding the banner :)

hemlock said...
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hemlock said...

kyle: i agree with you on the awareness plans. everytime i take out the trash, i hate the fact that im unable to separate the recyclable stuff from the rest, and it all goes in the same bin.

Anonymous said...

I think its a great idea and nice to see Dubai is attempting to get some green awareness going.

But the timing is odd, its right in the middle of the World Cup, are they really going to run "the world's richest horserace" in total darkness??

Rose in Dubai

the real nick said...


You are cordially invited to join the select club of responsible recycling citizens at Spinney's Umm Suqueim.
We are easy to find; me and that German woman meet Saturdays at the carboard container.

(I know she's German because I can see her armpits when she empties her bags in the appropriate containers.)

Dubai Entrepreneur said...


Unfortunately, that is not how it works. Value systems are changed without you knowing it. I was nice and courteous on the roads, I became aggressive. I have seen a lot of people with good work ethics.. turning into lazy non-caring dead-weights as a result of what they see around them.

Example, time. I value my time very much. I also value other people's time. I am almost never late for a meeting. If I am late, it's because there was a cement truck burning in the middle of SZR. I hate to wait for people, so I don't make people wait for me. I still am this way (thankfully). However, I have seen so many people who come with this attitude and then gradually stop being punctual.

The environment corrupts.

A lawyer once told me, judges are not corrupt in the UAE. Prosecutors and police could be.. but not judges. And corruption is not a case of someone getting paid under the table.. it's a case of who knows who and asks someone for a favor. Judges who are otherwise corrupt in their home countries are not corrupt here (there's always an exception, but this is a generalization). Why? Because they are scared!

So, for better or worse, people alter their behavior according to the environment they are in.

My current behavior is, in Dubai style, I don't care.. me me me.

Which is why I am eager to finish off what I have here and get the hell out before I turn into Lucifer's Godfather!

hemlock said...

TR Nick: you sure she's not french?

anyways, here's the thing. i "feel" for global warming, i'd like to do my bit, but i draw the line at driving my trash 4kms down al wasl road (considering that on a weekly basis, i'll have 6 water bottles. i think the net effect of my recycling drive would be negative). but yes, if they have the red/blue/yellow bins placed outside the new choitram (which is at walking distance from my house), i'll recycle gladly.

DE: i know what yer saying. but the conscious recognition of our actions is what sets us apart from animals. i can get extremely aggressive on the roads, especially when people cut lines to re-enter right in front of you... but do i want to let an a$$hole spoil my day? i shrug my shoulders and create an artificial distraction to keep my rage in check.

there is a lot of sense in what Bernard shaw said. "The reasonable man adapts himself to the world; the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore, all progress depends on the unreasonable man."

if i slack off in my work, i cannot blame my environment. i should admit im weak and easily influenced. if anything, i should be responsible for changing the attitudes of those around me.

it just bothers me that if you know, you are aware, that yer being "reactive", why dont you stop and get back in control? why must you run away from where you are to be who you are? and how far will you go?

as for people changing... you either evolve, or devolve... and the former takes too much effort, so we prefer to slide. (sorry if this comes off as a lecture, but seriously man, you gotta be better than that crazy emirati in the 4x4 who was driving on the SZR hardshouler at 7 in the morning doing 140 (when all other cars were at a standstill)).

CG said...

I thought it might be a good idea to turn all electrical appliances/lights/non-essentials off for that hour, and really wanted to join in the 'spirit' of things, cos you know how environmentally aware people in Dubai are....anyway...been trying to figure out what exactly I can turn off. I think I could remove a couple of my 3000 boundary wall lights and possibly turn off the porch lights (well, 12 in the back).

Thats about as much as I can get past my clan without a riot breaking out.

DUBAI JAZZ said...

Beware Colonel CG, lots of bad things happen in the dark!
You don't want that on your watch, do ya?!

CG said...

Have no fear...my land backs onto Buj's, and I seriously doubt anyone will be jumping me in the dark (or in the light...hawhaw).

Anonymous said...

Uh..what happened to the post about the Al Quoz blast?

DUBAI JAZZ said...

who's going to the parade?


Yahya said...

There is nothing pointless about switching off for EarthHour. 146000 kwh of energy was saved in Dubai alone last year...plus it helps raise awareness. People who say participating in such events are pointless...shouldnt be allowed to share the air we breath on this planet :-)

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