26 March, 2008

Your Child Is My Child, Let’s Protect His Future Now!

Justice Without Frontiers, the coordinator of the Lebanese Coalition for the ICC, has launched a campaign, entitled, “Your Child Is My Child, Let’s Protect His Future Now,” dedicated to the Lebanese people, and particularly to the Lebanese children, who have been devastated, disfigured, burned, and killed by Israeli weapons.

Justice Without Frontiers invites and urges all national, regional and international NGOs, to participate and support this campaign and support Lebanon’s accession to the Rome statute for the ICC by signing a petition and forwarding it to others.


Lirun said...

great slogan.. they should open offices everywhere.. including israel palestine egypt iraq sudan eritrea etc..

we are all suffering from children being attacked..

Kyle said...


we are all suffering from children being attacked.., irrespective of a specific zone.

karunakaran said...

...That's quite right. When you say "without frontiers", then it should definitely not be zone specific, race specific, religion specific or ethnicity specific...

DUBAI JAZZ said...

True, but statistically speaking, there are more Lebanese children devastated, disfigured or burned as a result of war than there are Israelis.

Editor said...

In all cases, it will take less than a minute to sign the petition.

karunakaran said...

"True, but..."

Help 'em all, I say. Without frontiers.

(The worst frontiers are the ones in the mind.)

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